'05 Explorer oil life percentage monitor

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Feb 28, 2005
NJ now SC
Just got a great deal on a used '05 4 door,4WD Explorer XLT Sport Edition(17" wheels,exterior trim etc)with 9500 miles on it from a Ford dealer. List new $34700 Paid $20600+tax with remote starter installed by dealer. This truck with employee discount and rebate is $27300. Love that employee pricing. Helped with this deal. [Wink] The oil monitor says the oil has 74% life left. Does the monitor go by just mileage? Say 5000 miles?
I don't believe that the Ford OLM has been discussed here much. One easy way to tell is to track the % over a long haul on the highway (track fuel usage) and see how it compared to short mileage [I dont know] If it conforms more to fuel consumption than mileage ..then it's probably the more sophisticated type.
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