ZRX 1200 Mobil 1 10w40 4T, 5345 miles

Here you go... 5,345 miles on M1 10w40 4t and this time it held grade solidly in the shared sump ZRX 1200. 12.5:1 pistons added 20,000 mi ago. Previous two OCI's are noted as 20w50 V-Twin and 10w-40 4T.

A few notes from me to share with you guys: Oil level had dropped toward the end to the lower part of the sight glass however that equates to 200-300 cc's. I had the pulsar cover off a number of times swapping different timing advance rotors while tuning the bike and lost a bit of oil each time I removed that. As such there were many runs up to five digit rpm figures (10,000-10,500rpm) during this oci over the course of the last year. Overall the bike barely uses any oil given the length of the oci.

Disappointed aluminum is up. However if this is a clutch basket issue as was mentioned by a member here last time, my question would be at what point do I go in and replace it as the bike has over 71,000 mi on it now. Surprised Blackstone doesn't consider that as a potential source for the aluminum, they are still thinking pistons.

Really like this oil it has done well.
Mobil1 4T racing 10w40 is what I use in both my newer sport /race quads. Yamaha YFZ450R & Raptor 700R-SE. Pd near 10k for 450cc & in '21 I pd near $12k out the door for 700cc machine. Only use Mobil1 4T & Maxima Pro Plus 10w40! Got cases of both. At those prices I put what I think is best stuff out there. Also change oil @10-12hrs! Far sooner than you street bike guys.