My gen 1 3.5 Ecoboost; An inauspicious Start

Good to see you're undoing the neglect and getting good results. 4k OCI or less is what these engines need. I'm running M1 0w40 in mine.
There is no EGR on a first gen eco. Crankcase vent to intake, but no EGR. It's a simulated EGR using some valve timing magic.

All GTDI engines use twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) to adjust timing on both intake and exhaust cams, except for the 3.5L engine that’s not in the F-150; these use intake phase shifting (IPS) controlling only the intake camshaft. VCT systems use oil pressure-controlled actuators to rotate the camshafts to advance or retard engine timing based on operating conditions. Besides providing reduced emissions and increased engine power, Ti-VCT also allows for the elimination of the EGR valve. This is accomplished by controlling the overlap between the intake valve opening and the exhaust valve closing, allowing a small amount of exhaust gases to be pulled into the cylinder during the intake stroke.
That did not happen changing Mobil 1 at 5k OCI’s …
No comments on the “friend” …
Comment was tongue in cheek. Some guys talk about taking their “good” oil that they know they are short changing and run in their OPE. It was Mobil 1 the first time they used it, so now its Mobil 2 while in the lawnmower.
Great thread! Love your cleanup methodology. At 46K in, I'd keep on keeping on with what you're doing.

Fordtechmakuloco did a video about changing the filter screens on the turbos, maybe something to consider for the long term health of your engine and turbos. Also these early 3.5 EB have a vacuum pump that is prone to failure, there's another Fordtechmakuloco video on that.
Thought about it in course of, but decided not to bother, at least until filters come out clean. Thought about the unmeasurable amount of trash in engine contaminating specimen, including old sludge, varnish, carbon, all from who knows what old oils, now all back in suspension. Also history of poor air filter maintenance (was a water-logged oily mess when got it), combined with inevitably elevated wear metals I’d hazard - I just didn’t see how the data could possibly affect the present course of action. We’ll see. Maybe later.
interesting reading + with todays high cost hope your success continues, good luck!!
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