wix fuel filter 2010 Cummins

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Feb 3, 2011
Golden Meadow, LA
buddy of mine got a 2010 dodge wit hthe 6.7 cummins, went to change his fuel filter today, which he bought at napa, and i noticed the paper that came with it said Affinia Wix, but on top of the actual filter, it had the cummins C logo and the fleetguard logo,which is cummins filtration, also on it. could this be an actual fleetguard filter, that napa buys and just rebrands as wix?
You are correct. Napa's filters are made by Wix. Napa simply drops the first number, like 2 is cabin 3 is fuel 4 is air 5 is oil (mostly). Napa makes nothing, like AC Delco, they are merely a reboxer with an awesome reputation. you need to be wary what you buy from the box stores, like napa branded plugs are (if I remember correctly) champion plugs. a guy I knew said he was a sales rep for Champion back 20 years ago, and swears the napa champions were "B" plugs. Ones that didn't quite make the cut but worked well enough.
My guess would be Wix sources/rebrands it from cummins/fleeguard. And then It undergoes another rebanding to the Napa shelf. so yeah probably the same as a fleetguard filter you could order from cummins.
thats awesome ,cause ive seen these fuel filters go as high as 35-50 bucks, and my friend picked it up for only 10 bucks, 10 bucks for an oem filter is awesome
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