Winter tire recommendations

Oct 30, 2005
South Dakota
I will be replacing the winter tires on my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan sometime soon. Previous set was Michelin Xi or Xi2s. I ran these for 5 seasons (2017-2021). I typically put the snow tires on in November and run them through April/May.

I’ve heard that Michelin is discontinuing the X-ice tire. While I can still get them, I’m reluctant to purchase a discontinued tire. What is Michelin replacing them with?

A strong contender was going to be the Blizzak WS90 but I read that they don’t last long; maybe 2 or 3 seasons.

Other contenders are the Continental Viking 7 and Nokian Hakapalitta; neither of which I am familiar with.

I’m wanting a long lasting tire.
The Viking and R5 are both good choices if you can't find the Michelin you're looking for :)

What is your tire size? :unsure:

The X-Ice Snow is the Xi2's replacement
Let me correct my previous statement; perhaps Michelin isn’t discontinuing the C-ice. It might just be Tire Rack that is discontinuing them.
Most better snow tires are going to work great, tbh. A heads up is that GM is running their fall tire rebate through the end of the month. They will price match locally, AND then you get up to $200 back on a set, depending upon brand (use gm card to get maximum rebate).

It's a sweet deal and I've received better service and experience with the local Chevy dealer over the local tire places. Works at all GM dealers.

scroll down on this page for the link and terms: +tire +deals&gclick=CjwKCAiAmuKbBhA2EiwAxQnt72aDTzwQ-DC-R8sEcJa2GFyh-s5CK3gW6Czgst-cLAEkY7Cy8gj5qBoCn0AQAvD_BwE&gclid=CjwKCAiAmuKbBhA2EiwAxQnt72aDTzwQ-DC-R8sEcJa2GFyh-s5CK3gW6Czgst-cLAEkY7Cy8gj5qBoCn0AQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
Michelin "xice snow" is the new model.
I have them and so far quite like them.
the conti vikingcontact 7 is also great.. almost bought another set of these but wanted to try the new michelins
the ws-90 is another top tier tire with better wear than previous models.

of the 3 the michelin has a 40000 mile warranty and I'd expect them to last the longest.
We have the x-ice snow on our T&C and like them


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