Who rev matches their downshifts?

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Jan 7, 2009
Rochester, MI, US, World
After buying the Miata, my first manual car in 6 years, I'm really trying to re-learn the art of shifting. I'd say about half the time, I've been trying to rev match my downshifts. Sometimes that happens under braking, and I've gotta tell you, a good heel-toe downshift feels awesome smile obviously, synchros make this unnecessary, but rev matching can be rewarding and at least save some wear on the clutch and synchros.
I do whenever I can think to do so. Modern MTs are smooth and easy enough to drive that if you forget, no big deal. But the stresses and wear are still likely better to double clutch.
Im in the same relearning boat. I never did know how to rev match and still dont. I just come to a stop and throw it in first...
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i dont use the clutch to shift up or down. you could say that i rev match every time.
^ Appropriate screen name btw. Yes, it’s a big facet of the fun of properly driving a manual transmission for me. With only 133 horsepower ('96 1.8L) on tap driving technique becomes an even bigger part of the motoring experience. I don’t do it for transmission longevity as much as minimizing wear on the clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate. More importantly for some, matching revs help avoid unloading the rear tires and chassis during healthy decelerations. Most challenging is to maintain steady brake pressure during the blip. A bobbing front end is a sure giveaway. On occasion I’ll notice the sporty drivers alongside looking at me at a stoplight as if acknowledging “that guy knows how to shift!” If you haven’t already, Red Line MTL/MT90 and Motorcraft full synthetic lubricants tend to work well in these transmissions.
I am a professional test driver who drives mostly older sports cars. I have to intentionally force myself *not* to rev match, because I need to be testing for conditions under which my customers would drive. Since most of them aren't completely car savvy, they don't rev match. My own car is another story, I rev match nearly every shift.
I drive a cummins 5.9L with the G56. Synchronized in all gears except 1st and reverse. With 350 lbs. of rotational weight in the crankshaft alone and a POS dual mass flywheel, it's a good idea to rev match on a downshift, even more so to double clutch on the 4-5 and 5-6 upshifts at low revs. I need this truck to last and you can feel the shift difference-knife thru butter. Most cummins owners claim it isn't necessary, but with a few years behind an eaton super 10 I know better.
I've had to due to shot synchros in 1st and 2nd. Oddly my trucks have had longer lasting synchros-- especially the New Venture boxes in dodge stuff.
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I do whenever I can think to do so. Modern MTs are smooth and easy enough to drive that if you forget, no big deal. But the stresses and wear are still likely better to double clutch.
Some us remember the pre-modern MT's where double clutching was not an option. smile Actually I try to do that on down shifting in the mountains with the 4L80-e behind the 454 TBI in the heavy old motorhome. Even going down hill I do it by going WOT causing a automatic down shift then move the shifter into that lower gear then let off the gas. It is just like 2-3 second operation. This is just my view but I think you can reduce the stain on the transmission/drive line by rev matching downshifts. At 63 I want to keep my record of having never dropped a U-joint. smile
If you're not double clutching and rev matching then you are not saving the synchros at all, they have to work the same. As far as saving the clutch, I think the issue is highly overblown. I know plenty of people that don't rev match or double clutch and they have no problems with clutch life. Having said all that, I do rev match most of the time 1) because it's fun and quite satisfying, 2) because driving in a highly congested area like Toronto and its suburbs, it is generally a good idea to be in the power band for a quick lane change or when traffic simply slows down, but doesn't completely stop.
I rev match pretty much all the time, but I have to work on double clutching. Feels awkward and slow, but the Tracker's 2nd synchro can be a bit grouchy, so it would be worthwhile.
Yep, I rev-match every downshift, but I don't generally double-clutch. I do double-clutch to get into first gear in my '72 GMC 1500. My heel-toe technique is deeply ingrained after having done it for 28+ years, and I teach it to my students when I instruct at track days.
At a local high school, upon hearing this song the question was asked, "where is second gear and why was the Rambler stuck there and still able to drive?". The "Beep, beep" song. It appears that young drivers today don't have much experience with a manual transmission. A manual transmission must be a remnant of the past and only of interest to some old fashioned person that does not have a smart phone and is interested in cars (lol).
I do rev match and DBW throttle has been somewhat accommodating depending on ECU software, but,I have moved my downshift points closer to 2000 rpm in normal driving and practice NOT downshifting into 1st when slowing if I can help it, to avoid over back torqueing the x-axle - certainly Brakes only at that low speed for slowing to a STOP light. Now, Sporty/competitive driving is another matter smile
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