Who makes the Rural King “Harvest King” brand oil

Nov 22, 2012
I bought this oil since for $9.99 it’s a good bargain for full synthetic oil. Doesn’t look like a Warren bottle. Anyone got an idea who makes this?
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hard to believe $9.99 for 5 qts of full aka group III synthetic!!!
Yes and you know they aren't selling it at a loss!
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+1. Dexos license numbers from Citgo all end in 121. Harvest King is one of them. FWIW, this is a Dexos Gen2 spec oil.
Whatttt you found it for $9.99 ???? It's $11.99 here in oklahoma at Atwood's farm store Still a good deal for FULL SYN, but still it's $2 more lol HAHA !! Dave
I know this is an older post, but these questions seem to come up frequently. Doing a search takes me to results mainly saying this oil is made by Citgo. I have seen post where Rural King customer service has even suggested it is Citgo oil. I have been running the RK branded (when it was still being sold), Warren Lubrigold (when they were selling it) and the Harvest King for the last 4 years. The 1qt jugs of all of the above have (had) the "WU" Warren Unilube on them. This is not on the 5qt jugs, but I don't recall it ever being on them. It would seem unlikely that the 1qt are Warren and the 5qt Citgo. Wouldn't it? Pic below is 0W20 just purchased today. My partial 1 qt bottles of 5W20 and 5W30 also have the "WU" symbol. [Linked Image]
Put this oil in my Tundra 5W-30 and my wife's Infiniti 5W-20 couple ago and both developed oil leaks within the first month. Drained it out put Mobil 1 back in, I normally run it in everything and my wife's car stopped leaking just a few days later. But' I had to change my valve cover gaskets out on my Tundra to stop my leaks, both sides too btw.
Idk why it made them leak but it sure did and just tightening down did nothing. Also it caused my tractor (Kohler Magnum) to seep oil around the head gasket halfway through the season and I had to change its gasket. Coincidence?
My guess is it turns to water when hot but idk that? Always liked my RK products but I lost big on this deal.. All the oil + my cost/time for gaskets. At least installing the new gaskets was easy for me, harder to do that on the Kohler than on my Tundra..lol.