Who makes Motorcraft oil and Goodwrench oil?

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
A recent oil analysis in the forum here got me wondering. Who makes the Motorcraft oil for Ford dealers? Also, who makes the Goodwrench oil for GM dealers? And if it is one of the major oil companies, do they use the exact same formula as their own brand, or are these oils unique?
Patman: Motorcraft is made by CONOCO and Goodwrench is made by Mobil. They are not the same as the brand. They are each made to the mfg specs. And no, the dealer brand is not any better that the OTC oil company brands.
****: Mobil got the contract back from Texaco. One of my distributors is also a Mobil distributor and they carry the Goodwrench product for Mobil to deliver to the dealers.
Thanks for the quick replies everyone! The amount of inside info in this place is great!


Originally posted by Johnny:
Patman: All the free info is going to cost you a case of Molson someday.

No problem! Anyone on here that wants to come on up and visit the Patman, gets free beer as my token of thanks for your oil knowledge!

The Full Synthetic oil is not synthetic, but the FFV 10W30 is a full synthetic but is not stated as such.
Why aren't they made to same specs as the name oil from the parent company?

And since when do the car manufacturers become experts at oil to the point of asking the oil companies to make an oil for them with these additives, etc? Would the oil companies themselves know better?

So is the motocraft not as good as the Conoco now since it was made FOR Ford vehicles? I just bought a case of it because I thought I was getting Conoco Hydorclear in an area where Conoco isn't itself sold.
More to add to the confusion of selecting an oil...

I may start using Penzoil exclusively. Besides Conoco and Penzoil, what other oils are Group II+? At least Penzoil can be bought *anywhere*. And I am sure Penzoil has terrific R&D $$.
But now Shell is buying Penzoil. Good ole american motor oil with long history getting bought by Dutch petro company. Will they then change Penzoil to start using their formulas, which were once Havoline? Ugh.

Never knew how much confusion was in the oil industry till I started looking.

Budman: Not to worry. The Motorcraft oil is made from the Hydoclear base stock. The additive package is the only thing that is different, and it is just enough different so they can say this is Motorcraft oil. The car manufactures have a lot to say these days in how an oil is formulated.

Not to worry about Shell owning Pennzoil either. Pennzoil will use the same formulation they now use. Maybe we can teach them how to make a good passenger car motor oil. We will still be run as a seperate company.
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Good luck with the impending merger. Years ago I worked for the U.S. subsidiary of Nestle. In 1984 the parent co. bought Carnation. For 5 years we were the parent company's arm advising Carnation. Due to redundancies in functions and the lack of credible upper management in my company, Carnation was chosen as the base of U.S. operations with a loss of about 1000 jobs in my area. Just a business decision which had to be made to remain competitve. Exxon/Mobil staring at the same beast.
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