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Jan 29, 2008
Brickerville, PA
Ok guys, bear with me. To start off, I appologize, I know I've asked lots of questions about what oils to use in my jeep over the past year, and everyone has been very generous with answers. hopefully this is the last time I'll have to ask. After trying different synthetics in it (currently RTS 5w-40), I've finally decided to go to a dino 5w-30 and stick with it. Well, once my GC stash is used up anyways:) With all the offroading I do, and all the short runs I do on the weekdays, I just don't feel comfortable extending my OCI past the factory recommendation to really take advantage of synthetic. I think my biggest deciding factor is that we have a plymouth minivan at work with the 3.3 V6 (basically same engine as mine) with 249,000 on it and it runs like a top yet. And it has had a steady diet of Napa 5w-30 at 6,000mile intervals. Thing runs great yet. So anyways, I'm trying to decide between Valvoline, Pennzoil, Quakerstate, or possible Valvoline Maxlife (semi-synthetic). I know Maxlife usually has a great add pack and runs a little on the thicker side, but I figure i'm a long way off from needing to use it. As for the others, I know everyone here recommends the Pennzoil YB all the time, but I just thought I would through this out there and see what kind of responses I get. I was always brought up to believe that Valvoline was some awesome stuff by my dad, but this site has taught me differently. As for the Q.S., I guess its just intreguing to me because of the price, and the fact that it should be pretty close to the YB formula wise. What do you guys think?
IMO, I would go for the Pennzoil YB or the Valvoline in that order.

Both are darn good oils and will serve you well. Plus you can get the PYB on sales and stock up and build a nice reserve leaving you with a quality oil and cheap maintenance costs.

Use a good filter too!


P.s. No worries about asking questions, that's what the board is here for.
I've been using either Motorcraft FL400s filters or the Purolator Pureone equivilant. They are oversized for my jeep, but the bypass pressures are the same as stock. And as for sales, I usually keep my eyesopen at Autozone since they are right next door to work, but most times I just get it from Walmart cause its so much cheaper.I think I'm sick though, its not even trying new oils in my engine that intrigues me, its just the act of changing the oil and "warm and fuzzy" feeling I get knowing that there is fresh oil in my engine. Hmmmmmm....maybe I should have kept that one to myself.
How about... Napa 5w30? You said yourself 250k on a plymouth that's running it. Does Napa dino. have a weak add. package? I know it's a 'copy' oil, Valvoline or Havoline I forgot which.

I was thinking of asking this myself about Napa dino, specifically their 5w30/10w30 oils. Is there something missing from their additive packages? Is Napa Group II/II+ oil?
I'm not familiar with Napa oils other than here on BITOG so I didn't feel comfortable recommending it. Going based on what I have read I would add it to the list along with Quaker State. Although I would add the QS to the bottom of the list because it's a good oil but not the best value IMO.

Afoulk, those are great filters and I would stick with them... As for feeling good about clean oil, there is nothing wrong with that. You are normal and it's all about sleeping at night.

I just like pushing the bar with my synthetic and my engine is picky so I keep running it. Otherwise I would be in the same boat!

Have a good one!
I had considered Havoline, but I didnt' know if everyone still recommended that. I know it was some awesome stuff before they switched to the "Deposit Shield" formulation.

Thanks Steve C, I guess I don't feel as bad about the "feel good" part of changing oil all the time
Besides,it gives all the more chances to check my jeep over underneath for any problems.
Oh, greenaccord, the FL1A doesn't work becaust the oil filter sits so close to the crank dampner. I could probably go longer yet, but I'm pretty much limited to the stock diameter.
Originally Posted By: afoulk
. . . I was always brought up to believe that Valvoline was some awesome stuff by my dad, but this site has taught me differently. . . .

How so? I'm with your dad on this one.
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