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Feb 19, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
My aunt bought her 2013 VW Beetle TDI last year in October. She also paid for the wheel and tire protection plan. She had scraped one rim a month or two ago and just did another one. Just a decent scrape on the sides, no tire damage. Does anybody have any experience with what they're going to do? I've heard when they repair/repaint the wheels it doesn't last and isn't worth it, personally if the paint doesn't look good or it doesn't last after a repair it isn't worth having done, I'd rather have scratched rims. This is what it says in the fine print on the coverages:

1. If the tire and/or wheel can be repaired, Administrator will reimburse You for the approved costs associated with the repair including mounting, balancing, valve stems, and taxes.
2. If the tire cannot be repaired or the wheel cannot be repaired and is damaged to the extent it fails to seal with the tire, Administrator will reimburse You for (1) an approved replacement tire and/or wheel of like, kind and quality at the average regional retail market rate and (2) the approved costs associated with the replacement including mounting, balancing, valve stems, and taxes.
5. Premier Wheel Coverage provides the Registered Customer with coverage for the repair of Cosmetic Damage to an alloy or steel wheel. Cosmetic Damage is defined as anything that alters the normal condition of the wheel/rim and is limited to factory wheel brushed or painted surfaces. All cosmetic wheel/rim repairs will be made utilizing Administrator's authorized wheel/rim repair network. Administrator will determine the best repair process for the a Cosmetic Damage ie: cosmetic, straightening or remanufacturing.

Anybody have any ideas on what the dealer will do?



Originally Posted By: andyd
I like the steelie wheel pkg for the Beetle. Black with a chrome ring and dish hubcap.

Not a fan of the beatle, but I do like that wheel package!
Can you choose who does the repair? There are many companies who specialize in alloy wheel repair & refinishing, might avoid a stealership hack job that way.
That sounds like a weak warranty, what if you bend a rim and it shimmies? It still holds air.
Aunt needs a set of curb-feelers. LOL!

Man I miss basic steel wheels and/or enough rubber wrapped around them where wheel-scuffage wasn't an issue. You'd scuff rubber instead.
These warranties are sketchy at best. Best never to buy them.
Best to save the money and pay out of pocket when the damage occurs that way YOU get to choose how the repair is made and whom repairs it. From what I see there a simple light sanding and then base coat then the clear coat will do a decent job, something anyone can do for under 20$ bucks.
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