what should I do about my manager?

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Dec 10, 2002
I've only been at my job for 8.5 months. Before I didn't notice these things, now they are piling up. My manager was assigned to create a powerpoint presentation on what our team does and our duties. She tells me to create the powerpoint and email it to her. When I completed it, she emails me back to make corrections and resend. her director is the one who told her to create a powerpoint presentation. How do I know this? last week, I inadvertly received the email from the director to my manager for her to complete it because their was something wrong with her outlook email box.

Today, she tells me to do a case audit on a coworker. These audits are monthly. She asks me to do 5 case audits and email the results to her. She verifies my findings and puts her name on the audit. I get no credit. I had a private meeting with her a few months ago, she complained about doing monthly audits and how much "work" it was. She said the company needs to create another department for auditing.

Last week, I brought up a major error with our cases. She blew it off. I told her about it again, she blew it off. I actually had to go to her computer to pull up the file and highlight it. Then she contacted some higher ups and found out I was right. It would have been costly penalty wise in the thousands if I didn't insist. Yet she sends an email to our whole team and says "Dear team, I made a shocking discovery, that we are not to include a doctor ???" She took credit for the whole thing!!! It made me so mad. The email included our director of operations too!

How do I continously deal with this? Is there anything I can do about this? or do I have to put up with it?

All she does is complain about my productivity. While I'm so freakin busy doing her work. Personally, I think my manager is incompetent.
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Originally Posted By: John_K
I think with the economy you just have to put up with it.


Yep, unless you can get a different job or are close to her superiors.
Originally Posted By: Cutehumor
All she does is complain about my productivity. While I'm so freakin busy doing her work. Personally, I think my manager is incompetent.

She's very competent at having you do her work. Underlings are to be exploited, amigo!
Put up and look for something else in the mean time... But unfortunately she is above you, as much as that sucks you gotta put up with it.

I have a boss I can't stand who likes to micro-manage our whole team and most times I would like to tell him to #@$%-OFF but I can't because I have bills etc. I'm looking for another job and putting up with his [censored] for now.

Hang in there bud.
I'm watching the office, Season 1, episode 3 on netflix online right now. check out the transcript

Jan: So, which health plan have you decided on?
Michael: I am going to go with the best, Jan. I am going to go with the one with the acupuncture, therapeutic message, you know, the works.
Jan: Wait, acupuncture? None of the plans have acupuncture. Have you looked at them closely Michael?
Michael: I think it was you who didn't look closely enough at the Gold Plan.
Jan: The Gold Plan? I'm not even on that plan.
Michael: Well, I'd recommend it. It's very good.
Jan: Michael.
Michael: You gotta crack these things open.
Jan: You know the whole reason that we're doing this, is to save money. So you just need to pick a provider and choose the cheapest plan.
Michael: Well, that is kind of a tough assignment. Um...It won't be popular decision around the old orifice.
Jan: It's your job. So...
Michael: Well, it's a suicide mission, you know.
Jan: Michael...maybe...I mean...
Michael: There, there...
Jan: Sometimes a manager, like yourself, has to deliver the bad news to the employees. I do it all the time.
Michael: (scoffs) When have you ever done that?
Jan: I'm doing it right now. To you.

(Michael comes out of his office)

Michael: Jimbo!
(Jim stands up, slightly annoyed)
Michael: Ha haaaaa. Ah. (walks off)

Michael: There's a decision that needs to be made, and I'm having an unbelievably a busy day.
(camera pans to his inbox to reveal, one, solitary post it note)
(Camera then pans to Jim who is looking at the post it)
Micheal: So I'm going to let you pick a health care plan for our office and then explain it to your co-workers.
Jim: Gosh! Heh...
Michael: Yeah!
Jim: That is a great offer. Thank you. I really think I should be concentrating on sales.
Michael: Really?
Jim: Yeah. I just don't think this is the kind of task, that I am going to do. You know who would be great for this?

I feel Jim's pain. Maybe I'll learn something from watching the office.
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Originally Posted By: bdcardinal
first question, is she in any way hot? that will help with my further advice.

She's an old bag, late 50's or early 60's. I don't even know how she got to be manager. Someone told me it was from kissing !@##. She barely has basic computer skills. She claims not to be a micro manager, but she micromanages to the bone. A co-worker told me that my manager was talking to her one day. She saw an instant message popup from me showed on her computer. My manager looked at her computer monitor and said "click on that and see what cutehumor wants"
Are others capable of doing what you do, at the level of performance that you do it? That is, can she whip another mule and get the same tonnage out of them?

Sometimes it won't matter. I've seem miserable managers that really do not care who is under them. They are just going to dispense misery and continue to do so with whomever is under them.
If you are doing her work and she takes all the credit for it, you aren't getting much done that you are getting credit for.

I see even bigger problems in your future.

My brother is an RN at a VA Hospital and stuff like this happens to him all the time.

Is your boss lazy or incompetent ?
Maybe both ???
simple, just tell on her to the company owner. u will get a nice promotion, and she will be fired. this is a dog eat dog world.
go eat!!! make sure u can prove it's you're work, by showing screenshots with the time on them, and that will prove u did her work for her.
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yeah, a co-worker told me "you notice that she didn't email you or instant message about doing the powerpoint, she came to you in person and told you. So their won't be a written record that she asked you to do it"

I'm trying to figure out a subtle way of dropping hints to senior management...
A coworker of mine creates a "Pearl Harbor file" for these situations; he "avoids verbal orders" by requesting people send him e-mails with their requests for his time. He indicates he has a tough time organizing and remembering things so an e-mail would be appreciated, when in fact he is creating a rock solid paper trail to CHA when the finger pointing begins.

There appears to be little you can do to remedy this situation except to create a lockable, un-deleteable paper trail that will leave you vindicated when things unravel.

As my coworker says, "That's a good idea, I"ll redo that code to accommodate thos new requirements. Could you send me an e-mail with all the new requirements so I don't forget any?....."

edit: just saw your response above mine.
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If you deal in hard copy, just leave it some place in an unmarked envelope where an enemy of hers will pick it up. Have detailed little notes inside saying, here's your audits that you need to present tomorrow - Cutehumor.

Then, after enough time for her enemy smell the blood in the water and sabotage her, tell her you had the hard copy in a plain envelope/folder ..but can't for the life of you recall where you put it down. "I can print up another set".

Subtlety is the key to all revenge.
You need to realize that your primary job is to make your Manager look good.

It's too bad that she doesn't appear to give you credit but keep working hard and doing your job well and it will eventually pay off.

In the meantime you might want to look at job opportunities elsewhere.

I am a Manager. I got to be one by making sure my useless boss was always successful. And if I was more positive I would probably be even higher up the totem pole.
Oh, scoobie's advice is great. lol; make sure you mention she only has the job since she is a woman. Now is the time to make waves. No chance, in this ecomony, they would find someone looking for your job....
A good subordinate aggressively seeks to make his/her superior look good and successful.

That's a departure from a superior using a subordinate to make them look good.

I kinda disagree on the "wait your turn, do a good job, and be patient and you too will be rewarded". Using that technique you'll be handed off to the next user when she makes an exit or lateral move. Quiet desperation never gets addressed ..and you may very well be between the rock and the hard place.

Seeking other employment opportunities would be my advice too (beyond some disinformation campaign to sabotage her).
Originally Posted By: Gary Allan
Are others capable of doing what you do, at the level of performance that you do it? That is, can she whip another mule and get the same tonnage out of them?

Sometimes it won't matter. I've seem miserable managers that really do not care who is under them. They are just going to dispense misery and continue to do so with whomever is under them.

their is one other person, but she calls out sick alot. She's been out for two weeks now for medical issues. It's probably why I'm getting dumped on royally lately. I'm also the youngest and only male on our team of 11 people too. We did have two IT males in our office that was laid off recently though. The one thing that set me over the edge today was the ranting about our team's productivity in our team meeting in front of everyone. My computer crashed on Monday, tuesday the powerpoint, weds the case audits, and after lunch the reaming over productivity. I love the part about how she said we should not make any mistakes on the job since our productivity is so low.
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