Washing machine/dryer questions?

We're in the market for a new washing machine/dryer for a family of 6 that will have laundry working just about non-stop.

With that said I have a few options and thoughts on each.

Option 1- Purchase something new from Costco with a combined 5-6 year warranty that will cover all repairs. The problem I have is the basic top loader Whirlpool washer/ dryer set will cost $1400 or so. I can get a fancy LG or Samsung front loader set for $100 more. I know all the new stuff is junk and built to only last so long. I like the long warranty but I feel like it's all disposable junk. I'm worried I could find myself in a bad place after the warranty expires. We're all about simplicity. Less to go wrong. I also know that parts for LG/Samsung can be hard to find so extended periods of downtime may occur.

Option 2- Spend some extra coin for a Speed Queen. The set can be had for about $300 more than option 1. Some people swear by them, others hate them. If I can get 15 years out of a set, which is more than anything Costco sells, I feel like I'd be ahead from a money standpoint. These come with 3-5 year warranty. U.S built, and easy to service by yourself, if it was ever necessary.

Option 3- Local appliance store has a refurbished Whirlpool direct drive set from 2012 for $500 OTD w/ one year warranty. These units are supposed to be simple and last forever. From what I read, people get 15-20+ years of service out of them.

I'd like some feedback from someone in the field.

I'll agree with most. I'd go 2 or 3.
The Speed Queen is a notch above the others. The only problem that I had when I was in the market, was the only place that I could source one locally (other than a RTO,) was 75 miles away. Also, we wanted a top loader, and the SQ really doesn't have a huge capacity in a TL. We ended up with another Maytag.
After talking with several repair people, the concensus was that all major appliances are junk. All agreed that they prefer Whirlpool brands because parts are much easier to obtain. All said that Samsung/LG parts are very difficult to get. I would have kept our then 23 year old Maytag if I could have found a lower tub for it (rusted out.) It did a much better job cleaning clothes vs. what we currently have.
Once you get use to it then you wonder how you made it without text saying Please unload the laundry. I can wash clothes and cut grass at the same time 😂.
And then you get a text from the lawn sensors..Where did you go? I still need a mow! Sorry, can’t deal with all this.
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Traditional US brand appliances typically use common parts that are easy to buy and easy to replace. They are also designed to have easy access when you install (i.e. my LG dish washer has hoses in location that are not compatible with my Ikea kitchen cabinet, and I need to drill some new holes in funny places.

I think the risk of Korean brands being hard to repair and have a design fault for the US market (i.e. mold in front loader, etc) vs the reward (slightly cheaper, more fashionable, more efficient) is not a good trade off. I would probably keep the heavy duty models from decades ago or pay more for something like Speed Queen (or other equivalent reputable commercial grade stuff) these days.

Water cost could be an issue, especially where I live 1 CCF is $5.50, they are charging a lot to pay for a rebuild of the 100 year old water system. It may or may not be cheaper than replacing your washer once every 5-7 years depends on where you live. Dryer may be the same, depends on whether your electricity vs gas price is cheaper or not.
Man, I hope you guys are wrong about Samsungs. Both the washer and dryer have been great over the past three years... :knocks on wood:

We've also got a Bosch dishwasher that cleans well, but has the usual glitch where you need to turn it off after two pump cycles and then back on to get it to continue the cycle.
I think the front loaders are the best for cleaning clothes, easiest on the fabric, and use less water. But more expensive and you need to leave the door open after the wash is done.

I would read Consumer Reports.

And things change. A company that made great washers 5 years ago might have been bought out and make junk now.
I think we have an LG front loader now. Had one before that but it stayed with the house when we moved. They both tend to get a funky smell as we can't leave the door open for it to breath--but we're also on well water and do at least a load a day, so that is the tradeoff.
I think we have an LG front loader now. Had one before that but it stayed with the house when we moved. They both tend to get a funky smell as we can't leave the door open for it to breath--but we're also on well water and do at least a load a day, so that is the tradeoff.
Don’t like them. When I lived overseas most apartments had them. I’d get white towels and bleach them once a week ... that helps on the funk
That is another good point to consider. If the machine can't be positioned so you can leave the door open when not in use, don't get a front loader. They're too sealed up with the door left closed and are going to stink if you leave the door closed.
Unfavorable comments about front loaders are interesting. We have had front loaders for 10 years, on raised stands that make it so easy to load/unload.

We wouldn't even consider a top loader. Best of luck.
speed queen over lg or samsung... a good friend of mine owns an appliance repair business and from his experience and doing side work with him lg and samsung may make great tvs and phones but not appliances. the later model kenmore appliances are rebranded lg's so stay away from the kenmore as well.
Agitator only. Mine is a Whirlpool . HE never. Less is more. Going on 13 years. Had to replace the dog ears once. Took 15 minutes and that’s only because the phone rang.
Year to year model changes alter reliability ratings on all machines...Speed Queen was in the dumps for the past couple of years due to hose issues, but apparently are now fixed for 2020 and should be good to go. I'm curious how tiny of a space some must have where you can't leave a front loader door open an inch...that being said, I have a GE front loader that is vented and I can run a venting cycle to dry out the drum with no need to leave the door open. Over the years LG in particular, and Samsung as well, have topped the reliability charts so there are clearly some misinformed folks on here.
I made it 11 years with a Fridgidaire loss leader front loader (not perfect in end) for family of 5 that was chosen for dimensions in a tight upstairs walking closet and the $385 price was wonderful. Bearings finally went. Mexico makes a decent washer.

What I am getting luck plays a role.