Washing machine/dryer questions?

May 16, 2011
Greenville, SC via Chicago, IL
We're in the market for a new washing machine/dryer for a family of 6 that will have laundry working just about non-stop.

With that said I have a few options and thoughts on each.

Option 1- Purchase something new from Costco with a combined 5-6 year warranty that will cover all repairs. The problem I have is the basic top loader Whirlpool washer/ dryer set will cost $1400 or so. I can get a fancy LG or Samsung front loader set for $100 more. I know all the new stuff is junk and built to only last so long. I like the long warranty but I feel like it's all disposable junk. I'm worried I could find myself in a bad place after the warranty expires. We're all about simplicity. Less to go wrong. I also know that parts for LG/Samsung can be hard to find so extended periods of downtime may occur.

Option 2- Spend some extra coin for a Speed Queen. The set can be had for about $300 more than option 1. Some people swear by them, others hate them. If I can get 15 years out of a set, which is more than anything Costco sells, I feel like I'd be ahead from a money standpoint. These come with 3-5 year warranty. U.S built, and easy to service by yourself, if it was ever necessary.

Option 3- Local appliance store has a refurbished Whirlpool direct drive set from 2012 for $500 OTD w/ one year warranty. These units are supposed to be simple and last forever. From what I read, people get 15-20+ years of service out of them.

I'd like some feedback from someone in the field.
I’d go with option 2. I personally own 8 year old Speed Queens and can attest to their durability. We went through two sets of other machines in the three years prior to buying our Speed Queens.
I found some good deals at Sears for reasonable priced warshers and dryers.
I believe most of the problems nowadays is with the electronics, not the actual warsher and dryer.

Wifey bought a Fisher Pakel warsher perhaps 15 years ago. No problems.
option #2- get commercial speed queens. A laundromat has to have them run pretty much non stop & be dependable in order to make money
We bought a set of Maytags for 1500 or so. I searched for the most American I could find. I believe they were about 78% this
Past May.
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I have an LG front load washer that is about to be 4 years old in December. It’s been great and it washes clothes very well, although the drain pump quit last year. It was an easy DIY fix and the pump is readily available on Amazon for cheap. My go to brand is Whirlpool and everything else I own is Whirlpool and I always get great service life from them. I decided to get the LG washer because Lowe’s was running one heck of sale.
We still use a set of plain basic Roper/Amana washer and dryer still going after 15 years. Last 10 years have seen 5 children into the mix so they run a ton. I have had to replace a thermal fuse on the dryer and the drain line on the washer other than that just indepth Lint cleaning on the dryer Is all that has been done to them. Keep thinking the gearbox is going to go on the washer and every time it gets pulled out there is a oil spot where it weaps but it never gets bigger than about a foot diameter.
I'd do option 1. The Whirlpool VMW setup is solid, easy to repair and parts are cheap and plentiful.
We have Maytag MCT’s about 7 years old … ran constantly without issues. In fact, ran so much we just bought a Sears Kenmore as a 2nd machine … It’s a flash from the past with real knobs, a contraption called an “agitator” ~ but has SST tub … it’s going to take over heavy items …
I hear speed Queen is good. We have Kenmore (whirlpool) front loader washing machine. You'll save a ton of money on water compared to the old style top loaders. Had the pair since 2002. Only issue on the washer was the pump which is a cheap fix.
Don’t buy any front loader.
Don’t buy any LG or Samsung.
Speed Queens are okay but, their load capacity is smallest of all top loaders.
I like GE top loaders with a conventional agitator.
Buy new from your local appliance dealership.
I have a Speedqueen which I got in late 2016. It has 3.2 CF
The Speedqueen has a small tub which is it's biggest downfall.
So in my opinion, the "most reliable" isn't the best option.
Take a close look at the Maytag or GE top loader WITH an agitator. The Maytag in the link has a deep fill option and is 5.2 CF.
Why not do less work? If you don't have long arms, it's not the machine for you however.
I went the scratch and dent route, got a matching set of LG front loaders for $700 in 2007 when the HE front loading machines were new and top dollar. The dryer looks like it took a ride down a flight of stairs, but I don't care, it sits in the closet and dries clothes. For $700 in savings I don't mind some blemishes. Just in the last 3-4 years I put a new thermal fuse in the dryer for about $10 and an hour of time and a new drain pump in the washer for $25 and 10 minutes of my time. No complaints. I have four kids (oldest is 13) so it's done an enormous amount of work.
Option 3 would be my choice. Much lower initial cost and I'll bet you will get many years of reliable service from them. The washer and dryer we have had for about 12 years we bought used from a local retailer than only sells used units. If they both expire tomorrow we have definitely gotten our money's worth from them. Paid about what you mentioned as the price.

As others have said, don't go fancy electronics. Too many Halloween stories on those.
I have two Samsung front loaders (washer & dryer) that I got almost 5 years ago. They still look, sound, and work like new.

They're a funky blue color and were on clearance. Think I paid $800 for the pair brand new.

The dryer needed a belt tensioner replaced about a week after purchase. Since then no issues. If you keep them clean and don't abuse them, I don't see why they wouldn't last.
if your on metered water ? with a family of six i would look at front loaders for the savings and if you can get the five or six year warranty at costco buy there
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We bought a set of mid level GE's that were about a year old off Craigs list. That was 12 years ago. Was $150 for the set. Army couple was transferred to Europe. House got flooded while we were on vacation from a broken ice maker line. Frige was on second floor over washer and dryer. After 4000 gallons of water the house was a wreck. When everything was done we tried them out. Drain hose was ripped by the demo crew. New drain hose and all is fine still after 9 years. They are tough.
Just me with 3 kids! ( year old girl, 12 year old boy, and 14 year old boy. I built my home 16 years ago. Whirlpool front load gas dryer is original and still going strong. Second Whirlpool front loader washing machine in the 16 years. The washers go quick due to well water. We do a lot of laundry almost nonstop in this house.
We have a speed queen washer and a whirlpool dryer, we’ve been happy with both. I’ll never go back to front loaders.