Warranty 'robo-calls' get FTC probe.

I've had several call me in the last few months, but had the last one on the phone for awhle just to waste his time. He finally got tired of it and by the time he hung up, he was shouting all kinds of profanities at me. I turned them in on the do-not-call home page and gave them the number that appeared on the caller ID, but I'm sure the number was bogus. In order for sh*t like this to stop, they not only have to go after the originators of the robo call companies, but have a law that gives jail time to the human callers themselves. I know they are getting minimum wage, but the callers know what they are doing is illegal. When this last caller started his conversation, he was pretty smug that I didn't know his company or where he was calling from. His smugness vanished before he hung up on me. Glad to see they are are doing something to try to stop this.