Walmart boxes Subaru and Honda OEM filters

Mar 20, 2008
Walmart now puts OEM Subaru and Honda filters in generic-looking boxes that say "Subaru Original Equipment Oil Filter" and "Honda Original Equipment Oil Filter" and have no other markings or writing on them. Remember that both Honda and Subaru OE oil filters come shrink wrapped and no box. The filters in these boxes are still shrink wrapped and also upside down. When you open the box, the base plate is on top!

Both are made by Fram. However, they are priced around twice as much as the dealer charges, and MUCH more than the PH7317 on Walmart's own shelf a few feet away. Remember that even Subaru has a hard time getting OE-spec filters, so if you have a Subaru, you're still better off going to Napa and getting a Wix or Full.

Also, it seems that the Fram Endurance is replacing the K&N black cans. All Endurance filters are priced at $12.97, and in some cases that's actually cheaper than the Ultra, especially for cartridge filters.

If you have a Pentastar, the FE11665 is a good filter, with the metal wire backing mesh.

Mine hasn’t started the boxes for these yet. At least not as of Friday night when I was there. Probably have to clear the old stock first. That’s not bad for a Subaru filter. At my dealership for customers the Subaru filters are $8.99 so it’s only a few dollars more convenient if you don’t have a dealer nearby or something. Price probably varies based on dealerships.
People will buy it because it says the make of there car on the box and i would be inclined to as well considering im already at Walmart buying other things and i really dont want to deal with going into the dealership.