Vibration while accelerating solved

The magic of my internet browser netted the following:
"We have axles for all the following models: Acura, Audi, Honda, Subaru, and VW. Other models may also available.
Please call to place your order 888-257-8192"
It's mostly just Honda. I asked Marty if he did anything for Scion/Toyota and he didn't. So I don't think they do domestic.. Just checked the website, it's Audi, VW, Honda/Acura, Subaru. I heard about him on the Honda forum.. these axles are insanely good, only problem I had was didn't pay attention to a torn cv boot, had to replace the axle from Marty.
Maybe if I ever needed one, I could call them and see if they would rebuild mine.
In transparency, I did replace the axles on my '94 Grand Am 3.1L with remanufactured NAPA Cardone back in 2010 at ~200k miles. I got 50k miles out of them before the car was junked due to blown head gasket. It did have issues with light coming on once you reached 75mph or so.

Edited to add that a CV assembly sells for $472 from online Honda parts dealerships (list price is $656!) for my '02 Accord from Honda. So, yeah aftermarket can look very attractive!
I was lucky Acura actually has OEM reman axles for Integra when I redid them (torn boot) and the price was I think $170 online about 10 years ago, each. Raxles was slightly more but they couldn't deliver to my location (too far and too expensive).

Biggest problem for most aftermarket reman is they grind off the heat treatment of the joint. The correct way to do it is to get new joints.