Trying to help a friend choose an oil

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Jun 4, 2002
I have a friend who is considering running either mobil delvac 1300 or chevron delo 400 in his VW. The question we are considering is that both are 15w40 oils and we are concearned they will be too thick for Northern Ohio winters. It can get down to around 0 degrees in the winter. Now the Delo has a pour point of -38 which is lower than many dino 5w30 oils so my gut instinct says it could be run in the winter, also the mobil I believe is -31 so it would seem like a viable option as well. The only synthetic diesel oil available here is Rotella T and he would rather not run the rotella, or pay the price for synthetic. Anyone run either of these 2 talked about oils in the winter before please post your findings : )
Nailz, You can find the Mobil 1, 0w-40 at Autozone, which specifically meets the VW 505 and ACEA B4 specifications for turbocharged, direct injection passenger car diesel engines. A much better choice than running a 15w-40 petro oil in the winter in Ohio. You can also order Delvac 1, 5w-40 from AVLube in Cinn, OH - one of our site sponsers - that's an even better Mobil product to use in this engine. The TDI (including the turbo) will last hundreds of thousands of miles if you use the correct oil. With a 10,000 mile change interval using synthetic, you aren't talking about a lot of $$$. You will also get significantly better fuel efficiency running the 0w-40 or 5w-40, particularly in the wintertime. I would not try outguessing the VW engineers who designed this engine and speced the type of oil to use. TooSlick
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