Toyota Oil Filter Caps

Sep 18, 2002
For those of us with newer Toyota/Lexus you can often break the composite cap when doing an oil change. You can drop the cap
and the metal tube and spring fly out. I know....

What I didn't know was that the bypass valve is built into the cap. Per Car Care Nut. So, when you decide to replace your broken
cap, make sure you get the right one for your particular model. I would never buy an after market cap. And I would imagine any Toyota
Cap would screw on any Toyota model (?) but I'm figuring the by pass pressure may be different with different engines (?).

Sure hate to slowly ruin an engine with an improper by pass valve. I can't prove anything I am saying. Just trying to help. Get the
right cap for your car. You can easily go to Toyota Parts or Lexus Parts to make sure of your correct part number.
I'm not a fan of the oil filter housing on my 2015 Camry. It's messy and more difficult that it needs to be. My 2020 RAV4 has a regular oil filter and it's much easier and preferable. I'm still using my OEM housing on the Camry. Never had any real problem with it once I got a big 1/2 " ratchet to take it off with.
I’ve dropped many of them. Only a few have broke like that surprisingly. Personally I’d buy a Dorman for these with no hesitation. We installed a metal Dorman one on my moms car. I would have gotten one at work but we don’t stock the metal ones and I needed it that weekend as I had broken one of the ears off the previous oil change. I’ve used many Dorman on these with no problems. The plastic Dorman is probably avoid because it will cause the same issues but the metal one will be fine. Installed many on customer cars too no problems. Normally I’d avoid Dorman but this is actually one part they got right. No reason to spend the extra on the Toyota one in my opinion. Unless it’s cheaper I wouldn’t buy it. That’s just my opinion of course.
Dorman one works fine. I've installs dozens. How soon before the numerous engine failures? Some clownish stuff on youtube should not be believed.
LOL. There is sometimes some clownish stuff here as well. ;) I may be guilty