Toyota A25A-FKS engine lessons learned

Nov 2, 2017
As I continue to research engines of vehicles I may buy in the future. I keep learning new things.
1. Toyota A25A-FKS has a oil separator similar to the Mazda Skyactive-G, so no catch can should be needed.
2. It has a electric motor on Intake Valve camshaft that speeds up or slows down to vary intake valve timing. The electric motor seem to beholding up so far, haven't heard horror stories yet, even has a failsafe mode to safe engine if it fails.
3. Electric motor coolant pump on A25
4. Really like the D4S injection system, I think Ford is the only other Maker to use a dual Port/ Direct inject system. Also learned the noise that everyone complains to Toyota about when they accelerate hard is when the engine starts using the Direct Injection.
5. You have to take the freaking intake manifold off to replace PCV valve.
I really like the D4S injection design, The Piston on the A25 looks like normal piston much different then the Mazda piston with it's cup in the middle I wonder which engine is the better design?
Ford has a GDI/port injected system, my new ‘21 Transit 250 3.5 non-EB has it. Been around 4500 miles so far, mileage & power is better than the 2 3.7 Transits I’ve has (a ‘15 & an ‘18). It is noisier than the 3.7, especially cold, almost sounds diesel-like.
The Lexus LS460 had some of this technology...electric motors on the intake cams, and the exhaust cams run off of the timing chain. Was always worried about that, but never had a problem. Dual injection system, port and direct - never an issue with that either - although there was a fuel rail recall. And similar difficult removal of the PCV valve, but honestly are they really PCV valves anymore? Most of them are just orifixes.

And I wouldn’t worry about an oil catch can, with dual injection the port injectors are going to keep those valves clean anyway. Toyota makes some great engines.
Sounds like good news then. Ours seems fine at 15k. Hopefully the PCV lasts; the PCV on my 2AR FE is original after 230k so I have high hopes.