Toro Timemaster wont turn over after blade change.

Jan 22, 2019
Omaha, Ne.
I changed the oil on my toro, put it down on wheels and started it, ran for about 15 seconds.
Turned it back over and removed blades to sharpen, mower was set back on wheels as I did blades.
Removed and cleaned plug and installed blades.
When I tried to start it this time pull rope just stopped and would not pull. I removed recoil and plug. Recoil mechanism worked off mower and cylinder had oil/gas in it.
Removed muffler and exhaust valve still intact.
Engine will spin by hand counter clockwise but once it gets to what I believe is compression stroke clockwise it stops.
I have a feeling something bent, but why would the engine rotate counter clockwise and not clockwise?
Mower is about 1.5 years old. I will try to pursue warranty work next week when small engine shops open however purchase receipt is no where to be found.
I may be up a creek!
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Pushmower right? I think you got oil in the cylinder from turning it on its side, and its hydro-locking. Take the spark plug out and pull the starting cord many times( like 10 or 15 times with the spark plug removed). Spray any oil off the spark plug with carb cleaner, and reinstall.

Should start after this.
Yes it is a push mower, 30"

Im assuming it was hydrolocked as well. Motor will not spin even when plug is out. I drained all the oil out after and tilted mower forward to drain any residual oil/gas from cylinder.
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Do you know how Id go about doing that?
Well, not sure what I did, but I took the belt cover off and did a minor adjustment on the belt engage cable and blew out all the dried grass and sticks.
I then rotated the engine back forth and it slowly freed up!
Put the recoil back on pulled it once and it fired up!
Thanks CharlieJ, you get credit for this repair!