Tire rotation on my other 2016 Camry

Sep 25, 2004
Marshfield , MA
Another saga. While I had the stuff together, I decided to rotate the tires on my Camry. I started on the right rear,breaking lugs before raising the car. I couldn't budge the lugs with my Craftsman 1/2 breaker bar and 50yr 13/16 12 point socket. No big deal, there was a brand new lug wrench in with the spare. I used a 5' pipe for a cheater on it and prevailed. The lugs creaked as I backed them off. After lifting the car, The aluminum wheel had bonded to the hub. NBD. Every 528e I base lined had the same trouble. I found the 9' 4x4 I use as a prop in my storage tent. I set 1 end of the 4x4 on a block so that it engaged with the edge of the rim.. The other end was sticking out behind the LR A love tap with a 6 lb sledge popped the wheel loose. No way could I have changed this tire on the road. There was a heavy buildup of Al O2 where the wheel bonded to the hub,Never seen it so bad,. My wire brush couldn't touch the stuff. I used a screwdriver and a hammer to clean it off. The video used a spray on anti seize. I used grease pumped onto a rag and gave the contact patch a schmear. I also spread some on the studs. Then I took the caliper off so I could grease the slide bolts with Syl Glyde to prevent what I had just fixed on the SE. The rest of the job went easier. The RF needed the same cheater, love tap and chipping off the AlO2. The L side din't need extra stuff. I put 60 miles on the car today, I'm pleased. I was working in 90' degree weather, so I waited until 4pm so I could be a true shade tree hack :cool: