Thick or thin crust pizza?

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Thin. Either the hand-tossed NY style in big slices that you can fold or wood fired crispy to where you can pick the entire pizza up without it bending. But I've not met many pizzas I didn't like so I'm not going to discriminate. I don't like Little Caesar's or Pizza Hut very much.
Depends on how you define " thick crust". A thick base of spongy dough is the classic definition - and I prefer thin NY style over that. " Thin" places are simply everywhere - You can get a version of this at Dominoes. A Chicago style Ginos/ Lou Malnatis type is often labelled " thick" but it it isn't. What is is in a relatively thin and crunchy dough that is " L" shaped and the center is filled in like a pie. This style is not easy to find and by far my preferred type. UD
I can't say there's a style of pizza I don't like, but my favorite is Chicago stuffed pizza (like Giordano's). A slice is going to be maybe 3" high and the sauce and toppings are generally on top. The cheese is decadently thick and will spill out on the sides of the slices when their neighbors are gone...kind of looks like the pie is deflating. The crust is not super thick at the center of the pie, but as you get towards the edge is thickens up and your last few bits will be kind of like eating a garlic roll with a bit of cheese on it. One slice should probably be an entrée when you get down to it and a friend told me he was horribly ill after splitting a large with one other guy. I think my record for slices is three, doubt that I ever did 4 even as a teenager. The neighborhood places were always the best, but Giordano's was darned good. Be aware that the cooking time for a stuffed pizza is quite long, didn't get to have some last time I was near Chicago with the family because we couldn't really wait so long for our food. Pizza like Malnati's and Uno/Dua in the Loop have some similarities to stuffed, but really aren't the same thing...I still like them a lot, though. Going to a chain Uno is nothing like going to the real one in the Loop. AFAIK my favorite type of pizza doesn't exist in New England...that's fine, plenty of good pizza here.
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NY style only. the rest should not even be called pizza
Real NY pizza can only be made in NY due to their water. All other NY style pizza doesn't taste the same.
I prefer a pan-type pizza. I think it would be considered a thick crust, but not a deep dish. Thick crust and deep aren't the same to me. I am not a fan of super thin, cracker-like crusts. A thinner, chewy NY-style crust would be my runner up.
Yes! I used to enjoy a cracker-style thin crust I would get a pizza Hut. The HUt is gone from the Plaistow/ Haverhill line. The North End of boston is a trip for me now I am in NH, but when we were young-ER in the 80s We would make the trip at least twice a month to Hanover St for a good pie or manicotti. There were lots of options for 4-star Italian faire at a reasonable cost in the North End if you stay out of the "tourist traps" I also use to think I made a good pie at home. Dom Pepino sauce, a little more cracked black pepper, pinch more of salt, pich of oregano, Tbsp olive oil on the crust and the dough top. Paint the sauce right out to the edge. Mixed cheese topping in moderation. Into a 500deg oven with preheated hot pizza stone in there. About 6 mins tops. BAaaHM!
Any good pizza. Yellow Cab for restaurant made. Chicago or NY, I’ll eat it. Anything except anchovies and those California pizza styles that are abominations. Give me a good Margherita pizza and I’m set.
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