TGMO Price Increase - Canada

Oct 31, 2020
My 2023 Tundra is scheduled to arrive on March 2 so I was recently at the dealership finalizing the deal and doing paperwork. Since my wife's Rav4 is due for an oil change in April I stopped by the parts department and was quoted $14/litre for TGMO 0W20. This is up from the $7/litre I paid in the fall of 2022. I called the four Toyota dealers in my province and each one of them quoted between $14-$16 per litre. I was planning to use Mobil 1 in the new Tundra anyway, but this certainly makes my decision for what to use in the Rav4 a lot easier! Mobil 1 EP is around $75 for a five-quart jug when not on sale, but is somewhat-regularly 45% to 50% off at Canadian Tire.

Has anyone in the U.S. noticed the price of TGMO has skyrocketed?
Retail oil prices almost doubled too lately, just check Canadian Tire prices, some oil is now in $95 a jug range at regular price.
You’re right. Castrol Edge EP is now $95 at Canadian Tire. Yikes. I wouldn’t say that’s double what it used to be, but still….wow. Even at 50% off it’s crazy high.
It's now reasonable to buy Liqui Moly oil on Amazon ... Lol

I'm personally switching to Euro oils now, low ash, low NOACK, equal or better than EP oils, many have PAO or and Esters in them, I run 6k km OCIs anyway. They are often cheaper than SP / Dexos oils and better than them too.
Castrol Edge EP is now $95
Ouch, that's harsh. Just bought a jug of that in 5W-30 at local WM for $17. USD

I was talking about this in late Jan full break down

Walmart Canada's flyer shows ST full synthetic oil at $28.88/jug. Up $4 from last year and up $8 from 2 years ago, if I recall. Glad that my oil hoarding is worth something now.
i remember seeing canadian st be $17 about 4 years ago when st fs used to be $15 in the us. Things have gotten expensive.
Instead of calling Toyota dealerships for the price of TGMO, go to the Toyota website (it’s cheaper) here’s my internet price $6.62 a qt. Cheap(er)


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