Tapco Mini-14 Mag question....

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
I bought a three pack of Tapco 30 round Mini-14 Mags from Sportsman Guide for a killer deal. They look well made. I was at round 96 when I was done stuffing them. grin2 Here's the question. They all hold 32 rounds without any type of issues, force, or otherwise. I have not cycled or shot the Mini-14 with these mags yet. Can you think of any reason this would be unsafe? Of course if I have mag, feed malfunctions, I will have an answer.
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I hope they work for ya. I have never seen much luck with other mags than the Ruger ones.
Everyone says the Tapco mags work just fine. I'll let you guys know.
Pablo - those Tapco mags are fine. I've a few for my Mini-30 and they work as well as the stock Ruger one's for less money. I've shot one magazine that was loaded w/30 rds and in the safe for atleast 2 yrs and it feeds bullets like it is new. I was afraid the spring would be weakened by being loaded for so long.
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