Syntec oil option for '05 Buick Park Avenue SC

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Jan 12, 2009
Dupont. Pa USA :)
Hello to all! I was just wondering what is the best weight of oil to use with in my supercharged 3.8L motor. It has 70K on the clock. It calls for 5-30W. I recently got the castrol / K&N deal at advance auto.All they had was 5-40W oil. They said that I could exchange it when the 5-30W oil comes in. Is it ok to use it for this time of year in PA? Thanks and have a nice day....Kevin
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The 5W-40 will work just fine in that engine, especially for the summer. I'd use it.
It will be fine, but those 3.8's have excellent oil pressure on 30 weight oil. I'd use the Syntec 0W-30, myself. It is the best Syntec, imo.
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