Oil and filter recommendation for L98 engine

Now that you say it, dexos2 wouldn’t be a bad

Only filters made by Champion Labs(OE Ford USA, ACDelco, Champ/Service Champ, Mighty, SuperTech[Walmart USA, not their former Asda UK] to name a few) are mostly E-Core but now that Champion Labs is again a Fram subsidiary expect to see either a “hybrid” of the E-Core design with a Fram tapping plate or a replacement all together with the Fram “cardboard” end cap design except with a nitrile ADBV across the line.

I see no problem running E-Cores or the much poo-pooed Fram “cardboard” capped filters. If GM trusts the E-Core design for aftermarket service filters, and every Honda and Subaru built in the US comes from the factory with a Fram, it’s good enough for me given reasonable filter change intervals. Back when GM offered this engine in the US, there are countless work trucks or personal cars that saw either a Fram orange filter and whatever 10W-30 the auto parts store had on sale or went to an oil change shop(like Jiffy Lube) with a branded Fram or Champ filter and bulk oil and were worked hard on the job.

I also think the e-core filters should be good enough, its just that I've read stories where a guy ruined couple of engines due to the e-core filter, and I've seen pictures of filters where the filter media has pushed thru the plastic gage, I'd like to use the e-core filters but im gonna try to find a non e-core ac delco filter, otherwise i might try purolator, bosch, wix, or the pro series K&N without the welded nut.