Syntec 0w-30 on clearance $3.00 a quart @ K-Mart

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Aug 25, 2003
I know this has been beat to death on this site; but how do you tell the german stuff from the American stuff? Some how after reading all the info on this site, I still don't know. K-mart in my area has syntec 0w-30 on clearance for $3.00 a quart; it looks like old stock, but I don't know. (0w-30 is not a popular weight in this area.) Also can I run 0w-30 in a 91 mazda miata? or is it too thin?
Old stock U.S. is YELLOW labelled. GC is Red. However, I've seen Red labelled U.S. stuff. Only way is to look at the back of the bottle and you need to see "Made in Germany"...together with ACEA A3, VW specs, M-B 229.1/3...etc....
Ha ha, buy some and return it at AutoZone. $3q I am using Rotella Synth instead. Only short-term experience with it, but very nice.
speedracer, The back label looks like this:  - By the way, this could be normal clearance procedure or it could mean they have something new in the supply pipeline. Since you said 0W30 is not a popular viscosity in your area, the latter may be less likely. I am beginning to wonder, if, as M1 0W40 becomes more universally available, 0W30 has a real future since it doesn't seem to be popular in most markets; this might force Castrol, if they want to compete to bring RS 0W40 over. Of course, they will have to be prepared with a clever marketing line, if asked, why, with a 5W50, 0W40 is necessary. [ October 01, 2003, 01:01 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
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