Starting an engine during winter months

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Nov 14, 2003
Lets say you have a car or motorcycle, (motorcycle here) That you have away for the winter due to the crappy Ohio weather. Is it better to let the bike sit all winter or go start it every couple of weeks and idle+ rev it a bit at operating temp for say 15 minutes or so? All I did for a winter prep was change the oil and filter, I did not take out the plugs and spray fogging oil down the cylinders because its like a 6 hour job to get to the **** plugs on this bike.
I'm sure there is a "better" way of doing it, but I've been doing it the "simple" way for years now on motorcycles, mowers, etc, etc...

Change oil so engine isn't sitting in an acid bath.

Put stabil in tank with fresh gas and run for 5-10 minutes.

Been working just fine for years.

Fogging oil is nice, as it protects everything, but it's not absolutely neccesary
If possible it is better not to start or run the vehicle at all unless you are in a position to give it a decent long drive. All you will do is put a lot of moisture into the motor and the exhaust. At the vey least it will shorten the life of the exhaust. However, do keep the battery charged.

BTW: I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death in a previous thread. Try a search.
No need to remove your plug.
Spray the stuff through the air intake filter housing,( filter removed)while the engine is running a little above idle speed.Keep spraying slowly until the engine die and you'll be done.

I'm doing that with all my equipments mower, motorcycle , snow blower, for years without any problem
I store my classic 70 Mustang in the winter here. It is in a heated garage but I still start it about once a month and run it for approx 20 minutes to get the engine up to operating temps. I do nothing else to it for storage other than to place a "batteryminder" on the battery which leaves it always ready to start the car. It depends on the length of the storage interval too I think. Starting it up now and then won't hurt your bike as it will keep things oiled to prevent any corrosion.
Fogging is more critical on a 2 cycle engine. Just run the engine a few minutes after you change oil with some Stabil in the tank and park it until spring.
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