Start/stop feature - the worst function ever?

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Oct 8, 2006
I didn't think any function could top the stupidity of GM's CAGS (the skip-shift feature on GM cars equipped with M6 trannies), but I believe the stop/start feature is even worse. At least on some vehicles it can be disabled, but doing so is required every time the ignition is cycled on/off. I don't care how beefy of a starter is used in vehicles that have this feature, the wear and tear on these units has got to be through the roof. And I can imagine the repair/replacement cost of these items is astronomical...
When I had an F150 that had the feature, it became habit to start the truck and hit the disable button before putting it in gear. I kept trying to do it when I switched to a truck that didn’t have it later.

I wouldn’t call it the worst feature ever, as most people don’t notice. However, a person with a mechanical mind would greatly dislike it. Much like the way I use the brakes versus the way my wife does. I do a lot of coasting so brake life remains long. She doesn’t think about brakes, and uses them to stop at any speed.

As I was trying the lane control on my new car today, I wondered how much my driving causes wear on the system. Seems like the lane control wants to keep it in a different spot, so it feels like I have a bad pull driving it. Does that wear on any parts?

The auto brake nanny is probably worse than stop/start. I had a car merge in front of me and my car decided to panic. Thankfully I hit the cancel button on the cruise control so it quit braking. That’s probably the worst feature I can think of. It’s now been turned off.
I hate the auto start stop on my 21 escalade. I used to always press the button near the shifter to shut it off until I realized that in these Texas summers simply having the ac compressor on shuts the feature off for like an hour since the compressor almost never shuts off in this heat. I've forgotten to press the button but it keeps running until I turned the compressor by itself off and then the truck shuts off. Then turning the compressor on restarts the truck.
Thought modern engines could stop the engine on a compression stroke. Then all that needs to happen to start the engine again is to fire that cylinder then off the engine goes again? Certainly my previous car, a mild hybrid BMW 5 series the start/stop system was flawless, the engine would start in a split second and you'd not even notice it was off.

The system in my Vauxhall Insignia is awful however and I switch it off every time I start the car. It utilises the start motor and is so slow in doing so. If you're quick trying to pull off the engine just isn't ready for it and you end up crawling out of junctions waiting for the engine to wake up and make some power.
I can deal with the start stop feature much better than the seat belt warning chimes. It’s so loud in my truck.
Auto stop/start has been out for almost 10 years, where are all the failed components? I have it in our Atlas, it's fine, takes a few minutes to get used to/change your habits a bit. The only time I don't care for it is in the summer when it's really hot it *can* still cut if off/meet all the variables when it really shouldn't due to keeping the cabin temp/humidity in check. Easy, slight release of the brake pedal and it's running again.
What thread number is this on start/stop? DOES THE OP OWN A VEHICLE WITH THS FEATURE?
Nope, and I will avoid owning one for as long as possible. I won't say I'll never own one in this day and age of this stuff being forced upon everyone...
My 2000 insight has start stop coasting to a stop engine off watching the MPGs go up is rather satisfying
Most all M.P.F.I. cars will disable injectors at closed throttle /roll to stop - or extended downhill in gear for that matter.

My DIC always reads 99MPG. I try to time traffic lights so I am rolling at least 5MPH when they turn green. I don't come to a complete stop at stop signs in the boonies either.
Accelerating a 1.7 ton mass moving from a dead stop takes a lot of energy and wears the drivetrain.

This practice will allow me to leave the ST/SPT ON away from heavy traffic.
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