Apr 5, 2016
I’ve used the ST10060 on my Ram 1500.
I noticed that all the other filters including the mopar filter for this 5.7 Hemi have a bypass valve but the ST10060 does not???
Does anyone know if the 5.7 Hemi needs a bypass valve? I have only done 3 filter changes. Used this filter twice and cut it open and it looks perfectly fine after use.
Used a ph48E this last time. It cost like a dollar more and has a bypass valve but seems about the same otherwise.
I thought that particular filter has a combo bypass/drainback valve?
That makes since now and explains why other than no drainback vale the only difference I could see between this one and the ph48E is it had hole in the bottom back part of the faceplate. Just like in the video wpod linked.
May be because I only looked at the MP’s but the ones I looked at had the button bypass valve in the bottom. All of them looked like Champ Lab filters.