SS 10w30 for winter?

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Aug 16, 2002
In my last trip in the US I picked up 2 jugs of SS 10w30.I was thinking to use them even in winter since it pours close to the 5w30. Latest analisys shown that the SS 5w30 doesn't thin out like the TrySyn did so my strategy seem pointless now.I have no problem to use it in my wife's 140000k Integra,but not so sure for my 11000k Prelude. 5w30 is recommended for both. Any reasons not to use it in the Prelude? Another concern of mine is if I got the one with moly or not.On this one I guess noone can answer! At work I use some moly lubricant maybe I could just add a little.
FWIW, I plan on running 10w30 Shaeffer #703 blend all year long here in Toronto, and my car gets parked outside at night too, so it will see some pretty cold temps this winter (hopefully it'll be warmer like last winter was though!) [Smile]
(hopefully it'll be warmer like last winter was though!) Last winter was very bad,made me change the brake in oil at 4000k instead of 6000.Just couldn't stand the cold starts any longer on an oil I didn't know nothing about.
Where in Canada are you? Here in Toronto our temps rarely got below -10c, which is why I feel safe running 10w30. Even if it does go below -20c here, the 10w30 Schaeffer will still flow easily, and it rarely gets that cold even on the worst winter.
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