Out of Xw20 in my stash, what next for the Mitsubishi in my signature?

Sep 16, 2003
Austin, TX MSA
For the 2018 Mitsu Outlander in my sig, I have the following options:

Go buy the least expensive Xw20 I can find, probably Costco Kirkland 0w20 or Supertech 5w20.

Use MilesSyn semi-syn 5w30 I have in stash.

Use ProDS 5w30 have in stash.

Use ProDS 10w30 have in stash (not seriously considering this).

I'm leaning towards the Miles semi-syn because I know from UOA on this forum that it's not very shear resistant. Other opinions?
I second the 10W-30 choice.
Running 10W-30 in my Accord that specs 5W-20 , no issues with mileage or engine responsiveness .
See what Mitsubishi specs in places like Australia and Africa. The manuals there say you can use pretty much any weight you want (atleast for the cars I've researched)