Is Redline 5w30 the correct oil for my 2017 Mustang GT Weekend/Track Car Application

I may be partially responsible for the update.

I had a very long conversation with my buddy, who might have the title “director” at redline.
I think there's a copy/paste error with the High Performance oils on Page 2:

FULL SYNTHETIC - Group IV PAO/Group V ester base stocks with
~2300 ppm Zinc, 1850 ppm Phosphorus as ZDDP 800 ppm Molybdenum

Pretty sure the HP line doesn't have 2300 Zn and 1850 P.
I thought 5W50 was the recomended oil for that car. I'd use it anyway if it sees track time.
Yeah if you look through the Ford Performance recs they universally say 5w-50 with changes every 4 hours going back to the S197 mustangs.

What’s also interesting if you look at the specs for Motorcraft 5w-50 its a thick 50. KV100 21 cSt. Ford doesn't have a HTHS listed but from KV100/40 values Redline 5w-50 is the closest match.