Sprinter van install

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Aug 15, 2014
New Orleans
I have a 2006 Sprinter van with a 2.7 turbo diesel. I'm interested in installing a Frantz by pass filter. Not sure were to pick up and return the oil. Any one on this forum install a by pass on a Sprinter? tim
I asked Geno's Garage who sells a lot of stuff online for diesel pickups. They basically said it was a solution looking for a problem. I have a 12QT sump for my Cummins and go 18K or more on my T6 oil. A failure in a line going to a remote bypass oil filter would be catastrophic. So slight gain for some risk.
The bypass I put in my car years ago takes oil from the oil pressure sender (i put a "T" in there) and returns it to the pan via a purchased adapter that replaces the drain plug. Knowing what I know now, i wouldn't bother with a gas engine; your vehicle may justify it;
Waste of time and money. Follow a logical maintenance plan and the engine will not quit. A texting teenage girl will total your van before you ever see a return.
T into the pressure sender or check the engine for a bypass filter port/plug. Besides the oil pan, you can return the cleaned oil to the oil fill cap with a swivel common to some other bypass kits.
Teeing off the pressure sender port is good, but make sure your kit contains a restrictor in the line leading to the Frantz. This limits the bypass flow to prevent oil starvation in the engine. I prefer to route the return through the oil fill cap because it makes taking oil samples so easy. If you're installing a bypass filter then you also want to consider oil sampling.
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