Spring time is near !! Is it Time for KITT'S Oil Change ??

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I'm running 0w40 Mobil 1 Euro in my 305 for the winter. It's currently at 3 months and 2900 miles since the last change. Extremely cold starts and a short 7 minute city drive to work. The oil still looks like new, I've been changing it at 3k or less because of the short trips with the carburetor but the oil seems to be staying clean so I'll leave it until spring. For warmer weather I'm considering switching to conventional 10w30 (nothing but synthetic from 160k to 240k miles).
0W40 ?? Ya NEVER gets that cold down here lol 10W30/40 is normal for 305's down here in warm climate. Some recommending 20W50 !!! Dave
She spins over a lot faster with the 0w when it's minus 20 or colder. Plus the 0w40 happens to be a little better oil than a lot of the other options. I could run it year round but since it leaks and burns a little bit I might as well go with something thicker in the summer. I've thought about 20w50 but it doesn't burn that much oil and it's mostly short trips and not working very hard, so that's probably overkill.
Ya way different down here in the "Oven" of the USA with temps avg 90's/100's in summer time. I have a BIG supply of top tier 10W30 and some 10W40 to play with so that what he's gonna get for awhile. I might test 20W50 down the road with my other supply run out Dave
I'm curious if you notice any difference between those grades. Mine has 240k miles, has piston slap on cold starts (only when it's below 0), and a little bit of lifter noise when hot (the average person wouldn't hear it), and the valve seals would blow a bit of blue smoke occasionally until I put a catalyst back on it a year ago. It uses a qt per 2000 miles. I haven't noticed a difference in any of those no matter what oil I used the past 40k miles or so. I don't think I ever tried anything thicker than 10w40 but i don't notice any difference between 0w30 and 10w40. With that said, 0w30 is used when the weather is cold and the thicker oils are only used in the summer.