Shop Truck build

I didn't keep track of the hours I spent, It was too many to ever come out ahead if I ever sell it. I've never seen a L96/6L90E swap in a GMT800 & I thought it would be cool.....And it is in my opinion.

I've put @ 100 miles on it, Needs tires, Front suspension work & Brakes. The truck will be painted before any of that gets done.

It's getting a GMT900 front brake conversion using Powerstop components & Replacement Powerstop on the rear.
NOT slamming you by any means, so don't take this the wrong way!

But why would you get it painted, before all the mechanical work is finished?

Just more chances on getting a new paint job scratched.:cautious:
If I start damaging paint doing what's basic maintenance.....Might as well slam the doors & go work at McDonalds ;)

The Powerstop kits come with powdercoated Calipers & nice drilled & slotted rotors.....I'm going to throw on some "rollers" to get through the Body/Paint phase if that makes sense?
It's about ready for paint....

Interesting because Texas inspections are not the same in every county. When I moved to Bexar County we have no emissions inspection whatsoever.

I drive into an inspection barn, toot the horn and the inspector physically drives my car around the parking lot to check the brakes, then signs off on the passing inspection.

Just had my cars inspected for $7 I believe.

When I lived in Austin we had OBD2 testing.
Well, that ain't no shop truck nomore... Don't scratch it!

Yes, It is. I don't have that much in paint so I'm not going to worry about it. Been daily driving it since I sold my Cruze.....Thinking about selling my Duramax as if something major happens I'm not going to want to fix it along with being tired of volatile diesel fuel prices & high maintenance costs.