Shop Truck build

Got it sprayed finally, Olympic White base & a painter friend gave me some Pearlescent Clear.....Need to do some wet sanding & buffing.

So nice to see a older truck not eaten up by rust like up here.
Beautiful work, man. I like seeing results like this. Hate it at the same time....I can't paint a set of valve covers.

Now, on to the second step of this process. Two bottles, plate, and that lumpy stick in the middle of the block.

Just think about it. What better way to demonstrate your transmission building skills than to show your customers that your transmission can live under abuse.

You're not doing it for yourself, you're doing it for your customers.
It's about ready for paint....

I just got rid of a Firebird same color and everything that was sitting in my yard since 1999. It had a 90 degree V6 & sunroof for $150.
It was going to be a high school drag race car, but the students moved on and lost interest.
I gave it away and threw in a Ford 9" out of an old Falcon.