Schaeffers Recommendations?

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Aug 23, 2002
Pacific NW
I'm putting together an order and could use assistance. Three vehicles:

1) '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4.0L I6, 160K miles.
10K/yr of mostly short 1-2mi trips around small town, highway driving every couple weeks. Sees rough offroad use once a month. Has used synthetic (m1 then Amsoil) since 140K. Needs cushion for its pronounced piston slap. I'd prefer a good Moly synthetic for the slow, high-effort/temperature crawling.

2) '92 Dodge Ram 150, 5.2L V8, 110K plus. (Govt vehicle until I bought it at 101K w/broken odometer.) Might get 12K/yr of the same short trips, though more highway than the Jeep. Appeared to have very rough Govt maintenance schedule. Currently running Mobil Drive Clean dino. Slight leak at front seal. Looking for good blend.

3) '95 Ford 350 stretch Van/Wagon, 351W V8, 125K miles. (Govt vehicle until 110K). Sees 10K short trips/yr + another 10K highway (soccer games). Unknown maintenance by previous owners. Currently using Castrol HD 20W50. Looking for good non-synthetic or a blend. (It's my brother's vehicle and this is his intro to non-G1 oils. $4/qt won't make it.)

The jeep motor is clean. It was flushed prior to the synthetic change 20K ago and filter/oil changes have been religious events since. The other two could use a cleaning. Their previous maintenance was at best sporadic.

I'm stocking up on filters.


With the high mileage on all 3 vehicles, I'd have to agree with Jason. How cold does it get (& stay!) in your area? If cold enough, I might use 10w30 for the coldest few months. Might want to order some Neutra, or Auto-Rx, to clean the other 2 engines right before switching.
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