Safe to use the free MaxLife, then go back to M1?

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Jul 15, 2003
I picked some of this up via the rebate and I'm curious if it's safe to use it and then go back to my M1 for the winter. Will the seal swellers be an issue?

I still have some M1 left over which I planned on mixing with some Mobil Drive Clean Plus and use it here on out after the MaxLife...... but since I can't find that and M1 is still a reasonable price I guess I'll stick with it.

So run the MaxLife, then go back to M1.... or keep running M1 and use the MaxLife in something else, give it away, ect?

BTW, the engine is a GM 2.4 DOHC with about 84,000 miles. Consumption is not a concern, so I see no need for HM oil.... just couldn't resist free.
If they all meet the "SL" spec, you can safely and randomly switch around between syn, conventional, blended, high-mi, and mixed fleet "diesel" oils as much as you please...

-You can't switch from synthetic oil to conventional oil or vice versa.
-You need to start with a synthetic blend for a few oil changes before moving to full synthetic oil.
-Once you start using synthetic motor oil you cannot go back to conventional oil.
-Synthetic and conventional engine oils can't be mixed, or else they react and cause engine problems."

As long as the synthetic motor oil product and conventional motor oil product meet the viscosity and performance requirements outlined in the vehicle’s owner’s manual, you may interchange them with each other."

But MIXING different brands of oils is generally frowned upon by oil formulators: "Can I mix different viscosity grades of motor oils?
Yes. It is always advisable to not mix motor oils, however, different viscosity grades of the same motor oil are compatible."
I wouldn't hesitate to switch from syn to dino, but I thought maybe the seal swellers in MaxLife might make a difference.

I just don't want to create a mess going from Mobil 1 to MaxLife, back to Mobil 1 just to save a few bucks.

Thanks for the reply.
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