Running a two stroke at 60:1 or 70:1

Dec 19, 2004
New Orleans La
So I bought a Sthil gas leaf blower. The exhaust is out out in front so you kind of walk into to it. I ran it a few minutes using Echo Red Armor as that's what I had, but it left me stinking like exhaust.

Maybe use what I already have and go with a 60:1 or 70:1 mix?

I'm not going going electric. Any another off shelf oil suggestions?
I think the red armor oil smells bad and it makes my eyes burn as well. I've been using Husqvarna XP+ for the last 4 years and the exhaust doesn't bother me and my wife doesn't complain about the smell either.

Whatever you do just keep using 50:1.
You can try and will have best luck getting rid of the pump fuel and using a engineerd fuel. If it were me I’d try a can of VPracing fuel and I bet it will solve that problem. Full disclosure I run C9 VPracing fuel in all my 2stroke equipment blended with VPracing 2t oil at 40:1 Sthil Husky Echo it don’t matter it gets same fuel.
I have a +20-year-old Echo 2-stroke leaf blower that has hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of hours on it and I've never done any maintenance (original carb, original sparkplug, I leave 9-month-old fuel in it with no additives) and I run 50:1 with whatever I find at the store when I need a new bottle of 2-stroke oil. Decades of neglect and abuse and it just starts right up year after year.
Again, the less oil used, the more wear the engine experiences. 32 to 1 is about the sweet spot for wear/performance/operational issues.

Testing of even lightly loaded engines show wear accelerates as oil is reduced. The idea that one can use 100 to 1 with a "concentrated oil" (more viscous) is utterly in error. Does it work, of course, it's enough to prevent seizure. It's not enough to get maximum engine life.

As a general rule, at higher operational RPM's, more oil is required. In a 2 stroke engine, oil does separate from the fuel and remain on the crankcase parts. As RPM increases, that oil has more difficulty remaining in place. This is why outboard engines can operate at 100 to 1 at low speeds and 50 to 1 at redline, and racing Kart engines need 24 to 1.
I'm not going going electric. Any another off shelf oil suggestions?
I have some poison ivy around my place, so sometimes I’ll wear one of those paper suits when running the weed wacker. Regardless: I’m in the shower immediately after running the thing, and the clothes are direct into the washer.
I'm in the no leaner than 50:1 camp.
The echo redarmor(smell) doesnt bother me and is in fact is my favorite 2 cycle oil.
I use it in my echo cs590 chainsaw and pb-8010 blower.

VP racing has a jaso FD rated oil
It is sold at walmart.. you might try that and see if you like the smell better.
I am not stuck on the redarmor but its easy to find has the highest ratings and the smell doesnt bother me.
To me the exhaust from the deere 316's smells much worse on my clothes.

I would use any JASO FD oil with confidence. ISO-L-EGD is also the highest rating level usually the oil will have both.

Husqvarna XP+:​

Jaso FD has fuel stabilizer and is "low smoke" .. another one for you to try that is widely available.

One I will not use is the STIHL ULTRA see other threads on bitog for specifics.
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I'd stay at 50:1. I use either Red Armor, Amsoil Dominator, or Opti-2. I don't get any smell or smoke with the Amsoil or Opti-2 and just mix it with regular E10 87.
I've been using the cheap Briggs and Stratton 2 stroke stuff for ever.

I add more oil, and it defintely is not a 'clean' oil.

This review concerns me. Are they thinking that this is the gas?