Running a two stroke at 60:1 or 70:1

In my Echo equipment I used the regular Echo power blend syn blend 2 stroke mixed at 50:1 no bad odor and the engines have held up great the oldest is over 20 years old the newest is at least 15 years old.
In my '98 Toro 3000 GTS snowblower, with the Suzuki 2 stroke I use TCW-III as recommended by Toro, Pennzoil Full Syn TCW-III mixed at 50:1. Ironically it smokes a lot more than the Echo machines till it warms up. Runs great though and it's 25 years old.
I use 2.6 oz of oil per gallon in my 2.5 gal plastic gas can.
All of my OPE gets the same stuff. Whatever oil I have.
My ECHO blower and trimmer might very well be the most reliable
machines I have ever had.
Run my chainsaw and new RedMax 8500 off the same can.
I did, once, clean, the exhaust screen on the trimmer.
They get used a lot.
If you don't like the smoke or smell go electric.
If cost is an issue I got nothing.
Amsoil sabre mixed 100/1 been doing it for years .
Same here, and you don’t stink as bad afterwards. 10yrs at 100:1 and equipment is still going strong. Was at my parents and helped out with the yard. He uses Red Armor and dang I smelled like that the rest of the day.
Plus 1 for Opti 2
Been using it @ 100:1 for 30 yrs, never an engine prob, arrester blockage or fouled plug
10 yrs, mculloch bent shaft trimmer. Fell to bits but bore and piston looked like chrome
Push mower with japanese 2 stroke briggs (red motor), sold it at 5 yrs when emmigrating to Australia. Ran as new
Husky 32 cc brushcutter (made in sweden). Bought 1995, sold it to a contractor in Australia 5 yrs ago, still going great, not sure what oil he uses
Echo hedge trimmer 2 yrs ago, no issues
Stihl ms170 chainsaw 1 yr ago, using stihl oil coz they doubled the warranty to 4 yrs if you use it.
And when i bought a new bike in 2016 (Harley softail slim s) i ran opti2 in the first 2 tanks.
I am merely relaying my experiences to date, no bragging rights and don't need to know where i've gone wrong
Hth, Johnny