requesting an Oil analysis kit...curious on OCI

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Mar 6, 2011
I requested an oil test kit today from Blackstone. I am curious how my 2013 Pathfinder w/ 3.5VQ engine is holding up on a longer OCI. Nissan recommends under normal conditions 7500/6 months, I am just over 6k miles at just over 6 months. Last service was done by dealer using M1 5w30 and OEM filter. A new air filter (oem) was also installed at that time. Vehicle has just over 21k miles. I am anxious as to see how it fairs as I have never ran a vehicle this many miles on a single OC.
Normal driving doesn't say much. People who live in a big city bumper to bumper could be normal, while for me a 30 mile trip on the interstate is normal.

6k isn't bad tho. I run 5k on conventional and up to 7.5k on synthetic.
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You are not even close to stressing that oil - good for at least 10K.

....and they probably could reach 10k no problem but if a warranty is still valid then 7,500 miles is their max (according to Nissan) they can reach.....unless the warranty has expired.
I kind of think I split the difference between severe and normal driving. Funny the 2014 pathfinder manual does not even give a normal and severe schedule, just a 5k OCI.
If 7500 is all you are willing to go and are at 6000 now, just wait until 7500. Change and get an UOA. The UOA will come back showing you could have went way longer. If you keep using quality oil and filters, the engine stays mechanically sound, and your driving routine doesn't drastically change, you can stick with a 7500 OCI with complete confidence. Oil can't tell time.

Stop changing the OEM air filters so much. An OEM air filter in Georgia should last for years.
Only had the air filter changed once at 15000. It was not overly dirty at that time. I may give m1 0w30 a try as I seen a post here it is on sale for $5a jug! Don't plan to take the sample until 7500.
Does Wear Check do single analyses for consumers? The site leads me to believe that it is only available for fleets.
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Does Wear Check do single analyses for consumers?

They do. I've used them many times.

However, you do pay extra for TBN/TAN, but it's still cheaper than what it would have cost you at Blackstone.
I'll use them after I've put the 30,000 miles on my oil using the microGreen filter routine. Should be quite enlightening.
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