Removing mildew smell form a 33 year old honda.

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Jan 17, 2014
I recently stumbled on a pretty nice 81 honda civic with 51000 miles. Its super nice except the drivers window has been missing the weather strip for a long time. After i replace the strip what is the best way to get the smell out. Btw it also has a "lawnmower in the shed" smell too but i like that part.
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To quote the movie "Employee of the Month", "This is an '81 Honda! How dare you!"

Haha I LOVE that movie!!!!
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To quote the movie "Employee of the Month", "This is an '81 Honda! How dare you!"

If you ever find one with these low miles, buy it. Dont think. Buy it!
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Unless it is really bad you should not have to replace the carpet. The carpet has "jute" glued to it, assuming the carpet got wet, the jute will never dry. Only solution is to remove the carpet, remove the jute from the carpet wash and dry the carpet and replace the jute. You should be able to get jute at most any upholstery shop or upholstery supplier. You will have to cut it and glue it to the carpet with spray adhesive.

There is also a fire wall pad, not sure how far down it comes on that year model but they often come down low on Hondas, see what you find and if a new one is available, might have to get creative.

It is also quite possible that there are wet leaves straw and lord only knows what else built up in the bottom of the door...
Find out where the moisture is coming from and dry it/clean the mildew. To get rid of the smell I would recommend going to a professional with an ozone cleaner and let them use that. It will remove the smell for sure.
Call me old fashioned here, but a mildew smell and a "Lawnmower in the shed" smell...good golly, what is THAT?!....and "Pretty nice" shoulnd't be used in the same sentence. What exactly are your criteria for that particular compliment?

Anyways, beware the stuff you can readily see (or smell), b/c it portends what cannot be seen...typically folks take care of the obvious if they don't, they cannot be trusted to do the more important, invisible maintenance proper oil and filter changes, etc. Even a Honda needs good maintenance, otherwise, what's the point in owning one, surely not the style, or the ride.

Take a closer look at this fine automobile in daylight and see if it's really such a deal. Personally, any sign of chronic wetness is enough of a reason to run the other way.
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Remove the carpeting and throw out the padding underneath - it's probably rotted anyway. Put the carpet in the hot sun for a few days - mold and mildew love it dark and damp.
While the rug and seats are out, check the floor for rust and treat accordingly with rustoleum or undercoating.
Buy new padding at a carpet store.
Thanks to all. Im having to replace both front door weather strips. Theyre discontinued so im having to pay an enormous price. Ill worry about the carpets after i remove the source of the moisture.
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Spray isotropy alcohol to kill mildew and not make a big mess.

Have to find it first.

And if/when it is dead, there is still organic there, which future mold could feed from, no?
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