Redline 5W-40

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Nov 28, 2002
Triad, NC
Just had a little e-mail exchange with Lisa at They do sell the Redline 5W-40 also. Price is the same as all other street motor oils. It's not on their web site yet, but she said that they are going to update the site sometime in the near future. Redline 5W-40 looks like the ticket for a summer oil to me!!! Not much ehavier at 40C with a lot more upper end viscosity. Just thought you'd be interested.
I'd love to see more Redline 5w40 UOAs! This oil should perform very well in the hot summer in a GM V8.
buster, I just sat down and ran the numbers. Extended drain with redline 4 quarts of oil @ $6+ 1 Toyota filter @ $4 plus 1 quart for Top off = $34 IF I changer every 6 onths or 7500 mile it is $56
On another note ....... Redline's US web site is soooooooo outdated. Just compare the oil specs from the Aussie site with the US site!!! Dave Granquist from Redline just replied to an e-mail from me and said that they will be updating their US web site soon and will be adding 5W-40 and 20W-60 oils to the data pdf. The current product data pdf on their US site is outdated and they use the one posted on the Aussie site now which is much more detailed and has the current oil specs. The specs have changed quite a bit for the 5W-30. [ November 26, 2003, 04:30 PM: Message edited by: Alex D ]
Well I have 4 quarts of it(5W40) in my Camry and it is being used through Michigans winter. THis is the first synthetic oil in the car. It had 4900 miles on it when I put Redline in. This is the first usage of Redline so I am not going to test this sample. I can tell you 2000 mile into the OCI and it used a 1/3 of a quart. THe wife did not know that I was useing a special oil in the car and she topped it off with Chevron Supreme. I know 1/3-1/2 a quart of Chevron Supreme is not going to hurt anything. I will probably use LC or 131 as a purge before doing the second OCI with Redline. I will be testing the second OCI and I wil make sure that the wife does not top off with regular oil if it uses any at all. To date this 1/3 of a quart of oil is the first it has used any. I drive the car like I just stole it and the wife is a lead foot as well. I am thinking that it is a combination of first time synthetic usage and extreme changes in temp so far from 23 degree's one day to 50-60 the next day. We will see! Buster is useing Redline right now too in his Carolla but he is useing 5W30 I belive. [ November 26, 2003, 12:27 PM: Message edited by: JohnBrowning ]
Great choice. JB, my car used more oil with RL for some odd reason. I think bc it's the first time using it. It should settle down in time. My sample is in the mail. It's probably a useless sample bc it's the first run with it but I thought I would give it a shot. I'm using ASL right now due to cost.
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