Recommendations on a 30 gal Oiled Compressor

Apr 12, 2005
Originally Posted by Char Baby
My Husky came with a 90 return and a 2 yr warranty. How'bout the Kobalt?
Link said 3 years on the Kobalt, 2 on the Husky.
Aug 22, 2016
Originally Posted by JHZR2
Many of these are 120/240. I looked at a lot of options and found that all are mostly the same, IIRC, most are actually made by the same manufacturer. IR also has a "garage mate" that looks pretty good, and then on the higher end, quincy (IIRC) has some nice ones for a bit more money. This is another option to consider: Only 20 gal but a nicer, less "fat" form factor, and Im not sure that much more capacity is needed. I spray oil with mine without issues, any intermittent tool would be less stressing. The non-pneumatic tires are a nice touch on it, IMO. Regardless of what you pick, go to HD and get some SOOW or SJOOW wire in either 10 or 12ga (preferably 10ga) and make a proper length extension cord with better conductors. It made a big difference in how it runs out in my garage (my detached garage has only a 14GA conductor going to it).
I've had this compressor for a few years and been very happy with it. From everything I could tell when I purchased it, it is exactly the same as the IR Garage Mate 20 gallon unit as well as the Quincy-branded 20 gallon unit. The Northern-branded compressor is cheaper than those AND has a better warranty. If I'm running a die-grinder or cutting wheel for a while, I'll sometimes need to stop and wait for it to fill up. I don't use either of those very often. It has been a great compressor for intermittent automotive use and the portability can be handy.