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Jan 12, 2005
Will adding MMO to the crankcase (oil) be able to "clean" the PCV valve at all? Just curious cuz my Focus's PCV is underneath the intake cover and supposedly has to be removed to access it.
You can replace the valve without removing the intake. Use long needle nose pliers to slide the clamp back and extract the valve.
Kinda? MMO has a lot of volatile spirits (IIRC it's something like half stoddard solvent) which will vaporize and go through the PCV tract. That being said, I don't think they'll dissolve much in the process, being vapors themselves at that point. I think RoadKingnc was a better idea, get it out and replace it.... or clean it in MMO that's still in liquid form.
Because ford likes to make things a pain to work on. I agree try needle nose pliers you can get some that are about a foot long if you need to
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Would spray carb cleaner clean it out?.,,
Yes, clean it in place right before an oil change.
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