Purchasing late model Camry

So MSRP is $26k for a brand new base model. How is a 3 year old example for $24k a better buy? For a few grand more you get a full warranty, new tires and brakes, and I think Toyota offers 2 year prepaid maintenance. No brainer, new is a MUCH better value.

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Go drive a base trim 2023 Sonata SE. They are 2.5L and GDI with MPI injection (8 injectors), so that should solve the carbon problems that have plagued the Hyundai's for years. $25,250 with a 100k warranty. I think the new car market is fixin to tank, so you will be able to get one way under sticker shortly.

I drove a loaded Hybrid Sonata last year, and it was one of the NICEST cars I have ever driven in a long time. Solar panels on the roof, bose audio... And I've driven Audi, Lexus, etc. That one is knocking on $40k but I think the SE base model has a lot of value.
I checked around at least a half dozen local dealers. MSRP is mid-$26k's, BUT I could not get one out the door for under $30k once they each at all of their "fees". I spoke with salesmen in person, text, and e-mail.
I looked at two "certified" used Camrys, a 20 and a 21. To the untrained eye, they looked great. While I did not enjoy it at the time, I am now thankful for my 6.5 years as production manager at a large body shop.
The first one that I looked at, you could just tell had a rough life, didn't spend much time looking at it. We really liked a 21 with 33k miles on it. It would have been about $27k to get out the door. Close inspection revealed:
The rear bumper cover had been painted, the left rear door had been painted and off the car (wrench marks on hinge bolts, electrical plug not seated in door jamb), the right quarter had been repaired (hammer marks inside trunk) and painted, the right front door had a large patch of body filler with rough sand scratches in it. There was a large clump of sod/grass stuck in an underbelly shield.
I looked at a 20 Nissan Rogue, "certified" at a Nissan dealership. Rear bumper cover painted, right quarter painted (clear overspray on quarter glass molding), hammer marks on bottom of right front door, the front bumper cover was half repaired and painted on the vehicle (overspray everywhere), and a large stain on the passenger seat cushion.
We ended up buying a 20 Camry with 15k miles, private party from Craig's. The couple is in their mid-80's. Three-year lease is up. 5k, 10k, and 15k service completed at dealership; inspection just completed. There is a scrape/dent on the back edge of the right rear door and quarter dog leg. A dollar bill would cover it. I will get that fixed. The right side of the front bumper cover has a scrape, and the tabs are broken on the little bracket that attaches to the bottom of the fender. I will buy the $10 bracket and leave the scrape on the bumper.
He was asking $24,500, we agreed on $22,500. I pay $15k to Toyota Lease and $7,500 to him.
Side note: I also considered a Subaru Legacy. Seems to be a good car. I could get a 2024 Legacy out the door for $27,100. My biggest concern was it just being a D.I. only engine. (Fuel dilution, carboned up intake valves, etc.)