Project: Elite.

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Feb 1, 2003
palm beach
this is a 351m ford motor i am screwing around with. its got 2 dead cylinders and come to find out that was because of a blown headgasket.

the car is a 75 ford elite which is basically a luxury torino. its a piece of crap but hey the car was free.

all of the pictures are of the engine AFTER i spent 2 days cleaning it. for some reason the iron is stained red and it looks like rust but it isnt rusty its just stained somehow, maybe from the oil. the cylinder heads and the block are not rusty.

the pictures of the intake manifold gasket is just a hint for you all to see how badly carboned up this engine was before i started working on it. the chunk of solid carbon next to the tape measure.

by the way i drove this car 700 miles to get it to my house while running on only 6 cylinders. 2 were dead the car still did 100mph floored!

you can click on the pictures to enlarge them, and if you click on the enlarged pictures they will get even bigger.
i got the engine rebuilt and running fine. the car will do 130 with the petal to the floor.

imagine that, 2 extra cylinders added 30mph!
What a fun project! You can't beat the price either. That's some scary cArbon in that thing. Did you drop the pan and take a look?
That's awesome mechanic work!
guys i got her runnin so good, it gets 16mpg.

everything works in the car. power windows, brakes, mirrors, 6 way power seats, 8 track with 7 cartrages, air conditioning, ruise control. these items, espically the cruise control didnt hardly exist back in the 70's.

sence the project elite is finished it is not going in the classic auto trader for $3000. that would be a profit of $2500!

now im onto a new project, a rotary powered festiva rally car.
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