Post Your Latest (Motorcycle) Oil Change!

2016 Harley Davidson FLHTK Ultra Limited. 8,700 miles. Spectro Golden 20W-50 Semi-Synthetic (4 qts) engine oil. Drag Specialty Oil Filter 0712-0021.
currently both moto & scoot have last fall's frankenbrew of 10w-40 & 15w-40 oils reinforced with Amsoil OE 15w-40 synthetic; both machines only have 250-350 miles so next oil changes will be in a few months once I get 750-1000 miles (might keep current oil filters in use -- moto has fram 6004 & scoot has hiflo hf183); new oil is another frankenbrew of 10w-40 & 15w-40 oils with Amsoil 15w-40 synthetic (new ck-4 spec) -- 1 qt Amsoil to 3qts frankenbrew; moto will get yamaha oem filter & scoot gets hiflo hf183
Out. Redline 0w20 w archoil 9100 Filter was in service xg7317 for 22,500 miles. Sent today for Adam to perform surgery on sometime this week. In. Redline 0w20 & M1 0w30 w archoil 9100 / 9200 Mileage is 226,300 Out. Redline cvt fluid In. Castrol Transmax Cvt fluid Out. Winter nitrogen air In. Summer nitrogen air banana
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1994 Honda VT1100C Shadow: 2,506 miles on oil/filter, 12,519 on bike Old: Peak 15w-40 Syn-Blend, Purolator PSL14610 filter New: Peak 15w-40 Syn-Blend, Bosch Distance+ 3323 filter
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2013 Yamaha XJR1300 Out Yamalube 10w40 FS & OEM oil filter 5000 kms In Belray 15w50 semi & Champion oil filter
Good choice for the predicted long, hot summer ahead!
2013 Suzuki Bandit 650N 85hp with 30.000 km Motul 5100 15w50 + fram ph6018 5.000km change interval

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‘12 Honda NC700X Drained & replaced Red Line 10W30. Replaced Fram UG with a TG. 50,000 miles on the bike. Moving to a 1-year OCI, which should land anywhere between 9 and 15k miles, depending.
the scoot ('13 genuine buddy 125...5970 miles on odometer; out: stuff from a frankenbrew of leftover 10w-40 & 15w-40 oils mixed with 1qt of Amsoil OE synthetic 15w-40 & hiflo filtro hf183 filter; 850-1000 miles on oil & 1600-1750 miles on filter; rear diff out...klotz v twin transmission 75-140 synthetic lube (gl-5 & hypoid gear rated); 1750-2000 miles on gear lube; in...same frankenbrew (@ 3 qts leftover oils & 1qt Amsoil oe 15w-40 synthetic); new filter...another hf183; gear lube...same klotz 75w-140 synthetic; planned intervals...1750 miles for oil, 3500 miles for filter, 3500 miles for rear diff lube
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Most recent oil change in the 2001 ZRX1200, out with Mobil 1 10w40 4T Racing and in with Mobil 1 20w50 Vtwin. Use Hi-Flo filters each change. Either of those oils is a top choice for minimal shear (maintains shift quality) over a 5000 mile OCI. I used to go with 15w40 HDEO's, shift quality fell off after 3000-3500 miles versus the fine shift quality still remaining at almost 5000 miles with a good syn MC specific oil. I could have legitimately left the M1 10w40 4T in for another 2000 miles or more given shift quality and the TBN remaining was 6.5. No dino HDEO is doing that, promise.
2012 Honda NC700X Fork oil change Out: OEM (bike has <8k miles on it) In: Valvoline Maxlife Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF (KV40: 28.82cst, VI: 156) Previously swapped out the rear links for a 2" rise in the rear. The forks were diving more than I cared for, so I swapped the spacer tube (5.875" steel tube) for a 6.25" PVC tube (0.375" extension) to add preload. Swapped fork oil for something with less dampening than the SS-47. Took it for a ride, and all is good!
'14 v star 250...4535 miles on odometer; out...frankenbrew (leftover 10w-40 & 15w-40 oils mixed with Amsoil OE 15w-40 synthetic) & Fram CH6004 cartridge filter...Chinese manufacture) -- unknown total mileage on OCI...guessing 900-1100 miles; in...same frankenbrew & yamaha oem cantridge filter; planned on using supertech 15w-40 but I have a bunch of the frankenbrew to use
1999 Yamaha YZ400F 1.5 qt Rotella T4 15w40 Mesh filter (cleaned/reused) About 8 hours on the old oil, it looked clean in the drain pan and felt like it was maintaining viscosity well. Just an eyeball gauge here of course.
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A week ago I purchase a brand new VFR1200X Honda Cross Tourer. At the 300 mile mark I dumped the factory fill and poured in T6 5w40. Today at the 1,000 mark, I dumped the T6 and I added T5 10w30.
2015 BMW R1200RT LC out unknown dealer service fill + Hiflo HF160 in Motul 5100 10W40 + Hiflo HF160
2019 Honda Super Cub: 20 miles on odometer. Old: Honda GN 10w30 - factory fill New: Rotella T6 Flushed early on, had a few very small chunks and a bit of flashing. Don't want this stuff floating around in the engine (with just a gravel screen).
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