Post Your Latest (Motorcycle) Oil Change!

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... In: 1/2 quart Maxima Extra4 Maxum4 10w60, 1 quart Valvoline Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20w50, balance Valvoline Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 10w40
Just curious, why the mixing?
Rumor was the "Maxum4" or Extra4 had a good FM and AW pack. I only dug up to VOA/UOA of what the pack could look like: The main design was to start with an already stout 15w40 HDEO (RT5), and fortify it further with something thicker (60weight) and with more AW/FM(ester/moly/antimony/boron.) The old mix came out tan, but clear. I was tempted to just put it back in, but I had 3 quarts of Valv Syn MC 10w40 and 1qt 20w50 to use (read: paranoid.) If the old mix sheared too low, I figured the 20w50 would help balance that. Since its all very stout now, I probably won't change it until late next spring.
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'13 Genuine Buddy [email protected] 5400 miles; out...frankenbrew of 15w-40 & 10w-40 oils (think I augmented with some Amsoil 15w-40 synthetic) and imported filter commonly used on Vespa, Piaggio, Genuine scoots; filter had 2500-2750 miles on it; oil had 950-1000 miles on it; in...leftover frankenbrew mixed with Smitty's Super S Multiflo 10w-40 synblend oil and HiFlo Filtro HF183 filter; also inspected air filter... accidentally impaled a vacuum/vapor hose with a screw after hose got caught under lid to airbox; ended up turning a 45 minute chore into a 3 hour repair! this fill will go thru springtime when weather warms up next season
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2005 V-Star 650 Classic @ 19,972 miles Out - 2.5L 50/50 Shell Rotella T4 15w40 & T6 5w40, Fram CH6004 filter, 1788 miles OCI In - 2.5L Shell Rotella T4 15w40, Fram CH6004 filter
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2005 V-Star 650 Classic @ 19,972 miles Out - 2.5L 50/50 Shell Rotella T4 15w40 & T6 5w40, Fram CH6004 filter, 1788 miles OCI In - 2.5L Shell Rotella T4 15w40, Fram CH6004 filter
good to see other folks using the fram ch6004 filters! I used several during the break-in on my v star 250 with lower mileage oci's (bought used last year with 23 miles)...mostly the older ones made in India (less pleats, thicker media, some wide spacing); using the ones made in China (more pleats, thinner media, tight spacing) for late season oci's (mid-late autumn/winter storage/early spring); bought them on clearance from advanced auto parts stores in the area; I've got one more chinese made ch6004 and 3 oem yamaha filters...major differences: fram is stamped metal construction vs yamaha using thermopolymer construction (guessing the relief valve spring is metal coil); fram has more pleats & thinner media and yamaha has less pleats & thicker media; both have tight spacing fram: yamaha:
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2014 Honda CTX 1300 7200 miles. Out- 4qts Honda GN4 10w30,Wix 51368, 5.2 oz Honda 80w gear oil. 464 miles In-4qts Lucas 10w30 HP synthetic moto oil, Wix WL 1000, 5.2 oz Lucas 75w90 synthetic gear oil. 7042 miles. I've used Lucas synthetic 20w50 in several air cooled bikes over 25 years without issue. The CTX is liquid cooled and specifies 10w30 . After reading up on Licas oils here I'm almost considering a switch.
2016 Yamaha XSR900 @ 3000 miles. 3 Qts Valvoline 10W-40 4-Stroke. Fram Ultra XG7317 filter. Was running Yamalube 10W-40 conventional, and shifting feels better with the Valvoline 4-stroke. With the larger XG7317 oil filter, it took exactly 3 quarts to put the oil level at the full mark.

XSR900 Oil Change 2-1.jpg

XSR900 Oil Change 2-2.jpg
I'll be doing the Spyder today. 998cc Rotax VTwin. This thing shears oil like crazy between the gearset and the hydraulic gear shift. CanAm sells a 5w40 that they say will run a ridiculous amount of miles, (8000 plus in the new 3 cylinder). UOA's have been in the 20 weight range from the VTwin at 5k. I can't see the logic. Out, 60/40 10w40 and 20w50 Amalie, K&N engine filter, Rotax trans filter. The exact same thing will go right back in. Last UOA at 3500 miles and I was still in the 40 weight range, although getting close to the 30 weight cutoff. When I'm done with the Amalie, I think I'm just going to switch to VR-1 40 weight.
2015 KTM 1190 Adventure @ 12,500 km, OUT: Motorex Cross Power 4T 10W60, KTM OEM filter, OCI 11,500 km, 15 months. IN: TOTAL Quartz Racing 10W50, KTM OEM filter. This is the first time I've used this particular oil, but I've been using Total products almost exclusively for the last few years. Their prices are simply unbeatable when shopping direct at the local distributor... like about half the price of equivalent products at auto super-stores (Mobil, Castrol etc). The Quartz may be overkill, but it is less than half the price of the Motorex from the KTM dealer. Given the bike is still in warranty, I'm prepared to pay a bit more to ensure the oil quality is not in doubt. Normally I use Total Racing 4T which is their "full synthetic" albeit Class III. When I asked about the base oils, they said it was not disclosed, but they expect that Quartz is more than half Class IV base, and Racing 4T less than half Class IV base. I bought the last pack of Quartz they had. They said the Racing 4T is so good (and nearly half the price) that most of their customers are going to that instead. And it is no longer listed on the manufacturer's web site either. The spec is 3.6 L but most people find it takes 4.0 L to get to the upper fill mark. I started with 3.6 which was about in the middle of the acceptable range. I added 250 mL, then another 150 mL once the bike was fully warmed up to ensure it wasn't over-filled. The 4.0 L is perfect.
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2014 Harley Davidson FLSTN 103B Out Engine: Mobil1 V-Twin 20/50 Primary: Mobil1 Racing 4T 10/40 Filter: Harley Davidson Super Premium 5 In Engine: Mobil1 V-Twin 20/50 Primary: Mobil1 Racing 4T 10/40 Filter: Harley Davidson Super Premium 5 OCI ~ 4150 ~ 24 months [Linked Image]
2011 883 Sporty, ~2200 miles on bike, unknown miles on oil. Out: unknown oil, chrome HD filter. In: 20W-50 HD conventional, black HD filter.
2018 Textron Wildcat XX - Factory fill out at 12 hours and 130 miles - Filled with 3.75 quarts of Delo XLE 10w30 HDEO and a Fram PH6017A.
2004 Honda ST1300 Out: Rotella T6 5w-40, Purolator PL14610 filter In: Rotella T6 5w-40, Honda oem (motorcycle) filter Old oil had about 4k miles on it and it looked great. Cut filter apart, from my limited knowledge, it looked good. I'll try and post some pics.
2007 Honda VTX1300R, with 56,000 miles. Out: Mobil 1 HM 10w-40. In: Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15w-40. Wix 51356 oil filter. Good to go for another 4,000 miles.
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2013 Yamaha XJR1300 Out Yamalube 10w40 FS & OEM oil filter 5000 kms In Belray 15w50 semi & Champion oil filter
Good choice for the predicted long, hot summer ahead!
Changed the oil in my Dad's 2008 Yamaha Royal Star 1300 because he has the itch to ride it and it'll be in the 50's or higher this week. out Rotella 15w40 with Defense 6607 filter In: Rotella 15w40 with Bosch Distance plus 3300 might try the new 15w40 T6 eventually, have some leftover 15w40 from a 5 gallon bucket to use up first.